Nameplate Borders + Skull

So I was playing yesterday and making my traditional run from my starter camp in H3 up to Narrowneck Span, then east along the coast to Lookout Point, where I setup a Furnace/Blacksmith to take advantage of the easy to obtain iron there.

Came across a named NPC with a skull in the center of her HP bar, forget her name, but she came with some flawless gear after I butchered her on my Stone Sword.

Later along the coast, I bypassed a camp on a ridge above. There was an NPC that came down after my. This one had a gold border on his HP bar, name was Cruaidh the Crusher. He was too much so I ducked into the water and swam on eastward.

I saw the skull HP bar again, this time on one of those aggressive shalebacks that attack you on sight.

So what is the meaning for them, and do they have any sort of combinations, such as gold border + skull icon.

It just means they are a named NPC

The skull is for ‘elite’ enemies, the gold-border is most often found on named thralls or thralls that are otherwise exceptionally good (like berserkers).

yes, they’re part of the city revamp & wildlife update.

Funcom added numeous mini-boss all across the map (like the reliq hunter in the city wisouth name) and they are distinguish by skull on the heal bar.

One skull mean they are special mob, a bit better than the classic one, generaly in a corrupted form, and they loot more ressources & demon blood.
2 Skull are rarest mini-boss but with the same asset, just more life & loot.
3 Skull are boss from dungeon, and those who drop fragment of power or legendary chess key.
Life goldbar are for T4 thrall.

(i could be wrong, but i think it’s that^^)

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