Nano effect changes

Not sure when this happened: some good, some bad, some why o.O

Many buff’s are now 4hr upped from 30min-1hr

All comp buff’s upped from 1hr to 8hr

MP pet short dmg buff upped from 20sec to 4hr.

Agent FP advent morph now pops when the FP pops and Pronouncement of Greatness no longer stacks with conceal, crit or run speed buffs.

Agent FP nano skill nerf further nerfs on zoning. RIP.

Solder pistol mastery is now multi-class.

Fixer Improved Augment cloud line is now multi-class.

Keeper Fervor of the Devotee is now multi-class and not SL locked.

MP MC teachings and mastery both are multi-class with NT.

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The changes were in 2015 when we got 18.7 there was a huge slew of changes to nano’s and perks for all classes.

The shade sneak attack line is now open to multiclass as well and keepers get to use it!

Edit, also worth mentioning and a lot of people seem unaware.

Material Creation Teachings and Mastery can now be used by NT.

Did they add 2 more character slots for froobs then too? I’m both pleased and not about that. I used to have as a log-in “It’s been 48 hrs since my last new alt and I’m starting to get twitchy”

Full patch notes here, no way did I want to type them all out again.

" * Swimming and Map Navigation should now be removed from items and vendors. " They still have imp clusters and in pre-made imps.