[NANO] NCU Icons missing for Waves of .... Agent DD procs

In the Agent proc nanoline title “Waves of …”, most of the DoTs have an icon of a blue question mark on a bright green-yellow background. This is probably not intended, since a couple of the DoTs have a reasonable icon.

To reproduce, cast one of the bugged nanos on an Agent, then hit a target. You will see in the target’s NCU (and the target will see in their own NCU) this placeholder icon.

Waves of Anger is bugged.
Waves of Jarring does not have this problem, but displays a reasonable (probably intended) icon.
Waves of Numbing is bugged.
Waves of Illness is bugged.
Waves of Sickening is bugged.
Waves of Unsettling does not have this problem.
Waves of Harm is bugged.
Waves of Trauma is bugged.

You’re bugged