Nasty BUG ... Thralls without food resets when server restarts

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Region: US

this bugs defeats the purpose of having people feed th thralls. as it resets. i left a few thralls without food, just to see if hunger works or does not. and ITS NOT WORKING…

@Tascha for visibility.

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Do you mean that the hunger timer on thrals/pets resets to default when the server restarts?

This morning I had a thrall with ~5 days left on their timer (because I accidentally filled their inventory with junk), so it hasn’t reset with server restart, or at least not every time.

On the other hand, if it hasn’t had food pushed at all (which it hasn’t, due to a full inventory), surely it should’ve been lower than 5 days by now? Though to be fair, the 5 days was as per the food pot, which clearly is somewhat buggy at the moment. I didn’t check the timer on the thrall itself (in the interest of providing a meaningful bug report, I should’ve).

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hi jens. timer go back to max . i never seen it under 5 days… they are supposed to be dead by next friday correct?

i saw it go to 5 days something hours, then next server restart was 6 days 23 hrs (or something) … and no food was given to them .

so , thralls ARE not dying this next Friday… as they are supposed to.

will check after this server restart. and report back.

thank you!

Thanks :slight_smile: It could also just be a visual bug, but I’ll have QA take a look at it.

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Ah I wanted to report something similar.

Though I thought it would have to do with actually loading the base in. Like with that former HP-Bug, when all thralls started at 100 HP when the base got loaded for the first time.
So I thought maybe same applies to hunger now, but if they just go all the way back to fully fed on each restart, oh well. I wont argue with that one.

(Btw, the same which happened to thralls HP happened to contents of the fridge as well. Though I just now realized. (I was wondering why stuff wouldnt disappear, but never really thought about it.))

I have the same bug. Private server, PVE. Abandoned thralls on the server, with no access to food or pots, revert to 7 days after the server restarts.

same happens on our server. abandoned thralls alive with 6 days left and never given food. no mods, private pve

tomorrow we will see them alive… unless funcom is right and its just a visual bug. (unlikely)

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Maybe the reason is that the thrall need to be “new” and captured/placed after the patch went live?

That would be a shame tho, if thats the case, as its the “Old” thralls we need fixing:)
I have a forest of abandoned thralls hangin in front of my new base, and i will for sure see when they die, hopefully this weekend.

That should definitely not be the case but as Jens Erik already mentioned, we reported it and we hopefully have some QA on it as well as additional info soon.

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Well by my count, thralls should start dying off en-masse sometime today at the latest, if they haven’t been fed or otherwise reset. I guess we’ll see what happens. It’s unfortunate that the Event Log is buggier than ever, it would’ve been helpful in gathering information.

as reported several days ago, (tue/wed) the hunger system was/is broken. odd as it was for that very same reason we are having to feed thralls… to get rid of the abandoned one and the flying ones. so now we feed ours, and the ones that actually hurt the server (abandoned ones) are laughing at funcom hahahaha XD

@tascha its not NEW. it was reported several days ago, at this point you guys should know whats going on…

an now thralls in invenotry appears as bags not only on the food pots but also in the inventory … (check screenshot) ,