Natural landscape building tiles - grass, sand, rock

It is nice how there are the arena pieces with a sand surface, or the Riders of Hyboria pieces with hay covered surface. I’d like to suggest some new pieces that provide different natural landscape surfaces, to help match our terrain we build on. For my horse pens outside, I’d love to have some lovely green grass foundations or ceilings, or when building on a rocky cliff, some grey and sandstone foundation pieces to blend in with the rock better. Current sandstone pieces are T1 and do help blend some, but they don’t blend as well as we could hope for.

I know it is hard to make a bunch of squares not look like a bunch o squares when put together. One thought I had was applying a larger skin to them as they snap together.

Imagine taking a snapshot of a large grass field, then applying a grid to it. 1a, 2a, 3a… 1b, 2b, 3b… When you place a single grass foundation, it would be the image from 1a. Place another one next to it and it takes on the image from 1b or 2b. Place another one not connecting to the first 2 and it is another 1a.

Who knows, maybe someone has done a mod for this already?

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