Necro with pets build

Hello. Can you please tell me which pets i must use for pve and pvp? melee vs ranged.
What are feats for petonecro? Gear? Which stat i must stack? Whic AAs i must train and use (i really DONT want to use Lich cause its ugly)?

Didnt play for a year now but for PVE i usually ran 2 blightedones 6 mutilators for raid, same with dungeons without trashmobs. For dungeons with lots of trash i ran 8 blighted ones for fastee debuff applications. If you search the forum u can find builds

I still has no clue about:
Which stat affects pet dmg? Player magic damage? or intelligence? Or both? pvp m. dmg work for pets?
Which AAs i must use? +crit chance and which second? there are plenty of options, idk what to train. +stats (int), +crit dmg (does it affect pets?), +magic dmg (field of war), +spell penetration?

If you go to the Combos & Special Abilities tab and select Other, then Social (on bottom), you will find the Supreme Lich ability, which will let you switch back to your normal look, even while you’re using the Suprme Lich buff. :wink:

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Wait that’s a thing? Holy cow :open_mouth:

Damn you are my savior!

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Use Chilling Breath & Decays of Nature, more damage than Lich.

General PvE Raid pet build (melee pets):

General PvE Raid, but for caster pets:


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