Need a 4th type of server, between PVE-C and PVP

Explaining the different serves to my friends who don’t play, i realized that there is a drastic jump from PVE-C to PVP.
Though process behind it. (officials only)

PVE–no damage, no killing of other players. general laid back RP type atmosphers.

PVE-C–PvP melee 6 hours a day adds some competitive feature, without completely removing the them and lore of the game.

PVP–all out personal war fare. Very few wars are for resources. It is usually uber competitive people who take things personally when stolen from, base is damaged, or just in general boredom and having the itch to offline raid. Very little is based on Conans ideas of conquering other kingdoms, or freeing other kingdoms, battling mythical creatures.

In these example, PVP is the only one that really has a theme easily replaced with any other type of genre. Space, western, horror. PVP is solely about i don’t like you. PVE and PVE-C at least have some environmental things that make it more Conan than PVP.

I wish there were a capture the flag middle ground between PVE-C, and PVP. that captures the theme and lore way better. One where anything outside of stone, hide and wood is very rare to mine in nodes (.5 harvest rate?). Instead, star metal, iron, brimstone have set encampments that harvest hourly into the “storage house”. The hourly amount would accrue to a set max. IE, every 1 hour, 1000 brimstone spawns in the storage house, but it would not go pas 10,000, They would be at more open, ground level areas, and only re-spawn during non raid times. By controlling these, you would be able to harvest with little effort because of the work you did to protect your claim. Controlling would be as simple as completing the cities walls. There would pre-built designs, with gaps that you would have to build and maintain. Door ways, anti, climb walls, etc. And Decay timer would be set at 2 days. And it could be an area where purges targeted more. to free the city so to speak. this would include the pvp style we have now, but with some fun and more theme designed pvp raiding. Each city could have unique design layouts, so building and claiming them would be different techniques. they couldn’t be Godded. Just a thought i had this weekend. Would create an economy as well, as controlling these would allow you to have trade value, and create a true economy of sorts.

You could still have your pillar castles, but you would have to transport the materials daily to there. And if i blew into the base you had around that structure, i could gain access and get the loot. OR wipe you off the spot and lay claim for myself.

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