Need a Community Manager. Anyone active?

Is it possible to speak to a community manager or dev ?

Occasionally they pop in. You may or may not get a response without stating your problem bro.

well i have figured out something that i am pretty sure they will be very interested in. before youtube picks it up or something.

If it’s an exploit or cheat, submit it through Exploit Hunters.

well it is and a very good one but i rather talk to someone

xD using the katana to glitch through walls or something lol.

thats useless. you can glitch through walls with relogging its more serious than that. but i dont see any admins care here.

people have already pointed you towards the program designed to handle exploits, insisting on “talking to someone” just makes you look like an ■■■

if it is as amazing and groundbreaking a problem as you seem to think, you’ll even be rewarded for reporting it

A wild community manager appears! I’ll DM you, but please use Exploit Hunters next time.