Need a hand with the 4 Events

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A. Single Player Grave Matters
Happened exactly once and never again.
B. On Servers
Showed up with what seemed to be regularity.
C. Force Spawning
Never able to in Single Player.


I do apologise for the seeming technobabble, I forget myself. :cattoblush:

Then I think you should let your son play on your PS5, with his PSN. If Encounters are triggered when he plays on your mochine, we can tackle the issue with your PSN.

When you’re playing CE, portions of the map are only loaded when occupied by a character player. These “chunks” then occupy a specific heap of memory on the server, and persist. If I’m playing on a server and staying in the same area, I’m postulating that my client (my game on the PC played with my computer) is only loading one chunk on the server, and as such, the server is giving more “weight” to the event.

Since we already have a Purge system that “targets” player Clans, I was wondering out loud whether there’s some functionality that may be influencing the randomness of the Encounter System overall.


I’m sad to report that I haven’t seen Grave Matters (post 3.0) spawn once, on three different official servers. All of the other events are spawning for me though :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Quite alright there my good fellow. My ineptitude in this domain is my fault and no one elses. And I appreciate all of the help!:+1:

That sounds straight forward enough for me to try out, I think. So just to check before I plunge headlong into the task, I am guessing I would have to activate my ps5 as my primary console? My son also has a ‘muck around’ profile on my ps5 where he tinkers with some of my games on occasions. Would he just need to sign in on the muck around profile Barnes?? And if so would it alter his existing game saves, or my profile in any way? We have never really tried to sign in on one anothers consoles before…

I do recall hearing this some time ago now, back when I was trying to get meteorites to spawn. And that must be why you suggested to st up shop there for a while and build a temporary base. Just to put it out there for the record, the events seemed to appear on my partner and sons consoles relative quickly, say within the first hour of logging on, and when using the admin teleport to assist with completion their battle passes. And they have been there at times upon teleportation. So this may or may not be a factor here. But to be sure, I will set up a base as you suggested to rule out variables.:smiley:


You know, I work in support long time and it’s so gratifying when someone is engaged enough to ask great questions. Bravo, Sir.

I would log on as the muck about account myself, then load up Conan Exiles and enjoy myself for a bit. If Encounters launch while playing as that character on his/her own map, we move on to the next step. Since he already has a subordinate account on your mochine, nothing will be changed by this process – unless he’s never played CE on it before. In this case, whether you launch Siptah or Exiled Lands, a new game.DB will be created for MuckAbout.

This comports with my experience as well, and with my online play too. I’m afraid it’s your support issue, and @LostBrythunian’s and others’s that diverge from the intended experience.

We call the “staying in the Chunk” – we call that act Persistence because as far as the Server is concerned, your Client is connected and valid and character is persisting in one relative area of the map, throwing relatively few logs or flags. When you play SP, the Server is your own machine, and thus persistence is irrelevant in this frame of reference. What is important in your building at Buccaneer Bay area, for instance, and staying there, is that your SP game (Server) may PUSH the preferred event and overwrite whatever setting is maladjusted in your Client. I recommend the open islands at the far east of the Map, while still within an arrowshot of the Bay.


Just gonna throw a random thought out there. @Croms_Faithful i knownyoi really got excited about no build restriction. Do you have that on, and if so @barnes is it possible that something in the script to override restrictions could cause bugs even if not built on event locatiins?


I think that’s a good observation. My only counter-assertion is that Crom’s and LostBrythunian’s (and others’s) issues with the Encounter System pre-date 3.0. I think they’re linked. However, if they’re not, it’s still like you are pointing out some sort of non-deliberately mis-set attribute or setting.


Well Mr @Barnes I have some interesting data to share today. So I managed to create some free time and booted up my sons muck around profile on my ps5 as you suggested. And lo and behold, 3 out of 4 events all worked. And each of them within 30-60 mins of starting the game. So could this mean that it is not a console setting? See below.

Snake Cult Caravan

Sacrifice Interrupted

Grave Matters

But there was a catch…and this relates to the second quote of yours which I have utilised above. It turns out that he did not have an active game of Conan Exiles on my ps5 (it must have been back on my ps4!). :man_facepalming: So I ended up creating a new character, which may of may not have influenced the results(?). Does this help at all Barnes, and do you have any further suggestions from here?

You flatter me friend. I kind of have to make my steps as idiot proof and as easy to follow/replicate as possible or I will mess it up.

Hey thanks for stopping in to try and offer a helpful suggestion @biggcane55! Yes I threw the switch on that one almost as soon as it came out. But I also tried to restore all of my settings to default (ie- build anywhere disabled) recently and went for a length play session to try and rule it out. And unfortunately it did not seem to have any bearing.


Ehh, just an out of the box thought. If all else fails, just try facing different directions when you play. JK.
I do hope it gets figired out. @Barnes is pretty smart…for a pvp guy :wink:


This would not be the first time he has helped me out with technical issues on Conan Exiles. He really got me out of a bind when I was having data corruption issues. We may squabble over petty matters at times, but @Barnes is an all round top bloke. And his willingness to help others, including some guy from Straya he has never met before really speaks volumes.

Hey it works for harvesting human NPC corpses. Harvest one huys body then turn the camera back around to harvest the others and just like that…bam, they’re gone! :laughing:

Hey @Barnes do you recommend making a bug report about this or even tagging a CM in here to see if they can help us nut this out?? The only reason I have not yet done so is because I was not even sure if it was a bug or a console or admin setting.


I think you should. I just come back from a bunch of testing, and I’m at a dead end here. I was dropping by here to post that I believe Support could help you and others with this.

We don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Say, on the malfunctioning PSN have you established a Clan name for yourself?


Ok I will get onto it as soon as I finish work for the day then. I know that @LostBrythunian I couldn’t be the only ones suffering from this issue. Hopefully with some CM support and the data we have assembled here we can get this resolved. I really, really, REALLY want to be able to participate in events/encounters, and if the precedent is anything to go on, I may very well miss out on the Witch Hunting event too if a solution is not found.

In a manner of speaking. If memory serves me correctly I did very briefly back when I first started having issues with the no building zones to see if it was a way around the problem. But when it failed to resolve the issue I believe I just left or disbanded the clan. Think we should give it a shot? Just on the record, neither my partner or son are part of a clan either.


What had vital results for me was to delete my whole data!
I started a session from the very beginning, empty my map and now my loading screens are as fast as yours! I have some weird lags when I enter to a “new” area and the label of the area will appear, but it’s ok!
If you don’t care starting all over again I would suggest you to do this. If you are bored to gain all your recipes back you can always spawn them from admin panel. But Croms it works better than ever now!
I know, this step is a hard decision. Yet if you can enjoy the game then I believe nothing else matters!


Very well. I seem to recall your trying it, but I wasn’t quite sure. I don’t and didn’t think there was a correlation, especially after further testing.

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This one must note…
There was this horrible kerfuffle where data became corrupt and had to be Yogged from orbit and reinstalled.
This one reinstalled from a disc as this one was trying to save space.
The disc (which was advertised as day one with all the goodies. Those low down no good deceiving… Deceivers!) was for the Euro version of the game. Installed fine, but could not work with any of the dlc ect…
So back to uninstall and reinstall from the PSN.
That may have cleared out the problem from before. Didn’t help with other issues, but it might have impact this one’s particular experience.

Also, this one always has build anywhere turned on in single player, with events spawning just fine (well, they most often crash the game in single player, but they do appear)


Thankyou very much for clarifying that with me @LostBrythunian. I am open to the idea of uninstalling the game then reinstalling in to see if it corrects the problem. That is provided that any and all items I have gathered and unlocked from later content updates will still be there when the re-installation is completed. If that would not be the case, then the reason is below in a reply to my other valued friend stelagel.

Now @stelagel before I respond, let me explain my tone and demeanor for the post. It is factual and explanatory and nothing more than that. There is absolutely 0 (zero) anger or annoyance conveyed in this reply.

This option would be a hard no from me. And given the choice, I would honestly rather never play any event ever than start again from my beginnings. For a number of reasons. The first being time. I just do not have the free time I used to when I first started, but not anymore. It took me months of grinding resources and building honestly and without cheating to construct my 3 storey black ice manor. It would just take too long to redo it all, and it would not feel the same to do it by cheating. Which leads me to the second reason, being OCD. It took me SO LONG to get everything just right the first time, perfectly aligned and parallel. That is why despite both not being able to build at my base for god knows how long (~one year?) and no longer being able to receive Purges there, I still coild not bring myself to move. That is why, hypothetically speaking, if ever I lost my character or saved data, it would probably be the end of me with Conan Exiles. It almost was for the prior! I know and wholeheartedly own that this is a ‘me’ problem, and a choice I have put upon my own shoulders, but I just cannot do it old friend. I can not start again…


This one doesn’t necessarily suggest the whole process. It also involves installing a different version of the game and then feeding that to the outer dark of forgotten memories as rebuilding once more.
A supreme hassle for a dice roll.


This is one thing I can totally understand! If I ever cheat in my single player, after awhile for reasons I cannot explain, I don’t feel like playing it anymore, something is cold inside me! So I totally get you! This is the reason that I closed my server years ago and went on official servers! It’s best to loose unfair, from lags, crushing, bugs and feel angre and frustration, but the next day let’s do this again , than someone restore my loss!
Rising from your ashes is the best someone can live in this game!


You had me at “hard no.”

I really appreciate @stelagel’s approach to starting over. It’s liberating. But for me, that’s what Servers are for. You should be able to rely on your savegame, and continue to use it from console to console.


Don’t get me wrong! It’s the same for me too! The data I deleted was 2 years builds, for contests, pilots of private server buildings, RP builds with thralls named by you, all of you! Narelle had her ship, you had your theater, Croms his tavern, CodeMage his castle, JJ her mansion… Almost all the people I respect and have feelings in here had his RP estate! It wasn’t easy! I had things that may took me maybe 1000 hours and more! But… I had to know!
You know, right now, that I have nothing, in single player I have astronomical speed for ps4. So the testers of ps4, starting a new session, see what I see now, they cannot understand what I was going through!
Now in official servers that I have nothing, no knowledge I have no crushing! In servers that I have old files I SUFFER to play. So a tester that will start a new session will not understand again what I say! On 8080 I have a character since 2 months after the release of Siptah! I crush everywhere, no matter if It has builds or not, or 5 to 40 players. I was leading to the conclusion that it has to do something with the old characters too! But no, on 3500 that @Rollotomozi uploaded the mess, I had a brand new character and when I reached 60 and start gaining late game knowledge then the problems started… So without derailing this thread longer, Playstation has issues and I hope they know where is the start of them! If they won’t find the start all they will do is fix one and ruin 2. It’s the same to all the professions, they need to find the start!
You need to do what you already do, not what I do.
What I did hurt and help me, but it won’t help others, my Jeronimooooo is not a solution, what Croms and you do is!