Need a new PC test type server

There needs to be a server set up with defined testing featrues.

One example is an Arena where players can access the newer weapons, armors, etc. before release. Then do player(s) v npc(s) , 1 v 1, 2v1 , 3v1 , clan v clan etc fights with these weapons. to not spoil surprises, art work could be generic, just the stats and att of weapons, armor are applied to training gear, and NPC mesh models of new creatures/bosses. Settings for temp, time and what weapons are spawned on each side. I think this would go along way to balancing pre-release on all items. It could even be a testing ground for current builds etc.

I know, out in the wild is different than controlled areas, but in sports, practice is controlled, and games are the wild. And you are only as good in game as how you practice. Same could be said for balance.
And in the wild, each side (person) is really trying to get the other in to a controlled situation they feel gives them an advantage. Having a testing ground to find those situation would allow for learning curve of changes, or expose OP items and allow for a balancing before release.

If not by Funcom, then maybe a private server where we can get together and be proactive, instead of reactive as a community.

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