Need a set of armor

Dear developers! Please consider adding middle-class epic clothing with a bonus of +9 power; his absence is simply amazing.

What do you mean by “power”?
-> kambujan shaman (medium strenght cold), khitan (medium strenght cold), and I think there was a medium strenght HEAT armor too.

heat, +9 force, middle class

“force” is no attribute. Which >attribute< are you talking about?
And if you really are looking for “force”, maybe you are wrong in terms of which games forum you are? Sounds a lot like star wars to me.

Or did you just translate from another language to english yourself and that is why I am confused?

Also as much as I loved the idea of stats on armors, I really didnt think a single second about players being locked to certain armors which might not be to their liking.

This is why I suggested a few times to move stats over to mods and kits which are to be used on armor instead of having armor come with stats themselves.

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I asked this on stream to Oscar. He said he rather wants to make the other attributes more valid. So they won’t add attribute kits.

Yep. Was a sad moment, that. As if they could perfectly balance all the attributes against each other or something. Never gonna happen - not even Chess is perfectly balanced.

Eh… I dont know about chess, but sadly you are right.
People will always find a way to create the most efficient attack pattern when it comes to weapons alone.
And as for attributes…
I think nobody will need me to explain them why encumbrance, strenght and vitality are OP.
What’s left is (imo!) less needed -> less wanted attributes…
Aside of that agility raid situation…

Well, it may be a bit hyperbolic, but:


Chess players and [theorists]generally agree that White begins the game with some advantage. Since 1851, compiled statistics support this view; White consistently wins slightly more often than Black, usually scoring between 52 and 56 percent. (

And this in a game with relatively simple rules, where both players have identical starting positions, identical pieces, and the entirety of the gamestate is known to all players at all times, with no element of chance (other than who starts with White which may be randomly decided).

Of course CE isn’t chess, but my point is… balance is a myth. It’s not going to happen. So let’s not use that as the reason for having attributes and looks intrinsically tied together, shall we? Of course I do realize it’s not going to change at this point, but still.

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