Need advice on armour

Hi all!

I missed a few months due to real world issues and I have started playing again on the PC version. I took advantage of the Steam sale and bought all the remaining DLCS.

I forgot how to read the stats on the armour as far as temperature and environment goes. How do you tell which armour is good for cold and hot climates? I know it’s a dumb question, and I should have been able to figure it out, but I’m not the smartest apple on the tree! :rofl:

Also, I was looking in the Steam workshop at the mods. Are there any mods that are pretty much considered essential?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

To see the resistances of each armor in game, check the feats tab. Click the armors there and it will show you in the top right corner of the menus which resist they have. Sadly, the stats aren’t displayed there.
For the stats of each armor with their resistances, best to just check the wiki.

I don’t normally play with mods but if I do, Pickup+ and Improved quality of llfe are pretty sweet.

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There is a sword recently added that is easy to get that also helps with cold resist too if you’re looking to make your first plunge into the snow.

Ahhh ok. So if it has a picture of a snowflake, it’s made for cold weather, and if it has a little sun, it’s made for hot weather!

Correct, my friend. Still sometimes and only it is tottaly necessary, or unavoidable, walk naked and use ice to cool down in lava and spiced food to walk in frost areas. Last but not least, gather berries, put them to the fluid press and it will give you berry pulp. Use berry pulp to all the extreme weather conditions to recover your thirst without temperature effects. Welcome back and have fun

I never knew that about the berry pulp and spice food. Thanks!

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Np mine anything you need, have fun. :+1:

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