Need advice on pve griefer please


What can be done about a griefer/aggro player in pve? There is a group who is intentionally mass-spamming large structures and boxing in my house. They have completely covered the entire are around teliths island and the whole surrounding area. My house in in that area, boxed in by their huge structures. Their members are trying to find any tiny bit of unclaimed land around my house and the lag is extreme. My game crashes frequently, just from standing still. It’s getting very oppressive and a nicely-worded message asking to please not box me in has only made them do it more.
can anything be done? It’s been happening steadily for more than a month now. Their base won’t be abandoned because of how many of them there are and how frequently they play. They even know how to do the inventory-stealing glitch, so my stuff is always at risk.
I picked the most out of the way place to build, didn’t block anyone’s pathway to other places, I keep to myself, I even help new players when they need help. And still I got picked to be the one they focused their efforts on.
I need advice!

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Hi! I guess as long there will be games like this, there will also be people “like this”.

Funcom stance on this would be:

My opinion: follow the guidelines above (F12 is your friend). If you accept the challenge, you will see that your Exiled lands have more wildlife than Devs intended. I suggest you try not feeding the… (hum, trolls not implemented in this game…) 5-legged spiderlings. Per experience, those get hungry fast, and go hunting elsewhere.

Disclaimer: Joke is not on you, but on the… mentioned above. :grinning:

I don’t know what else I can do to not “feed them”. They’ve been at it for a month now. Their clan is growing, as is their structures. They’re placing foundations one block away from my existing foundations! That can’t be right, right?

take screenshots (f12), if possible videos of proof, record player names and clan(s) (player list)

As above posted :
In extreme cases only, such as players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation or completely preventing other players from playing the game in any other way, we may take action if presented with indisputable proof .

Report directly to Funcom people - again, see post above (“reports” with names publicly are against forum policy as far as I know)

edit: PS4 player as stated from the start. So the “F12” screenshot was my wrong reflex. Taking screens on PS4 is known. All other suggestions apply.

on that ASAP, do take a screen of that with obvious indication of what belongs to who. If no names, I guess good to post here, if names, I guess you already know your contacts

Perhaps they will get bored and move on to some one else. Not likely unfortunately. Might be time for a server change. I understand that it’s frustrating. Not going to Express my feelings about that sort of people. It is frowned on.

It sounds like they consider the area to be their turf, and see you as a trespasser. If that’s the case, they will never relent, no matter what you do. My advice is to move somewhere else. Telith’s island is always a contested area. Just because it happened to be empty when you arrived, doesn’t mean it’s not coveted. The previous occupants might have decayed just a day before your arrival.

When I moved there, there was absolutely nobody there. At all. These people arrived two months after me. So I don’t get why they think its their area!?

because they are many. they can wall solo players off and take over their lands

Because land belongs to whomever can defend it. It has worked this way for millions of years, even before humans came into existence.
In modern societies, your government defends your land for you.
In feudal societies, your baron does that job.
In the lawless wildlands of the Exiles, where no governments exist, you have to do it yourself. If you’re unable to do so, they become the conquerors and you the vanquished. It’s neither griefing nor harassment. It’s simply the right of conquest.

You should have asked for advice much earlier, when there was still time to react. Speaking from personal experience, you could have preemptively built a perimeter, enclosing a few resources. Or at least a corridor, so you can have access to the outside world. You could have rallied neighbours into a coalition, to build a wall around your enemies. You could have lured world bosses into their base, to distract them from building, or at least kill their thralls while they’re offline. These things do work; I’ve seen it on my server, and I’ve been part of such actions.


I agree with timrath, you have to be proactive and pre-emptive. Counter build until they cant wall you completely in, throw up structures everywhere. It may be unsightly now, but once they realize you arent going to just go away, they will give up. and after they leave you can tear everything down. Unfortunately with this type of player you have to meet fire with fire. The only other option is to leave the server. I have seen so many toxic people and clans come and go on the officials it is amazing. Fortunately on my PVE-C server we have many people who are proactive and will immediately question peoples motives and start blocking them.

Yeah it’s unfortunately the name of the game. As a solo player on official myself, when I moved base recently, the first thing I did after picking my spot was build a “spider”, ie a center with ugly legs stretching out in all directions to make it prohibitively expensive/near impossible to enclose me, should someone have gotten that idea.

It’s ugly, but I tear down the spider legs and replace them with proper buildings as I go along. Or if I change my mind about expanding in that direction, I’ll just tear them down and leave it at that.

It’s unfortunately necessary, even on supposedly orderly and friendly servers like ours. The last time I set up an outpost, someone put pets/thralls all around its perimeter, making it impossible to expand it. It wasn’t an issue as I never intended to expand that particular place (it was a temporary thing for exploring the Unnamed City), but they couldn’t have known that when they decided to grief me.

Sounds like the battle is lost though, you can either move - servers or locations is up to you - or you can try to outlast them. The latter depends on your patience, I certainly wouldn’t have enough. But trying to outbuild an active clan as a solo player is a losing proposition most of the time.

Lots of good advice here, so I’ll only add my own experience and how I prevent such jerks…

Problem is that people have different ways of playing a game, some go for dominance, some just harass others because they can, it’s their way of having fun in a game, mostly hiding in big clans, others like myself like to find compromises and help those that need it - In my opinion it is better to have more friends than enemies.
Currently I play on an official PVE-C server, so there you can do something about such jerks, hunt them on every occasion, perhaps together with other friendly people from the server, build obstructions for them whenever you can see which direction they plan to build in.
Drag bosses to their pets and thralls.
You can also guide a nearby purge to their base to make some destruction, it doesn’t have to be your own purge, ask others that live nearby to inform you if they get a purge and possibly help you.

It’s not the ideal way, but some people only understand when they face the same force they are using, and it often makes them lose interest in a server if they see that the majority is against them.

I also make walkways away from my base to ensure I cannot be enclosed unless I have more than 1 neighbor around me then they cannot enclose you.

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