Need appropiate gears for early game NPC in Exiled Land

Many NPC in this game has weapons that don’t fit their background. I wish the devs could put their gear in line to better reflect the appropriate lore setting that they belong to. A good example is Dark Soul, in that game, the gear a NPC uses will give a lot of information about the game’s lore which provides tremendous immersion experience to the player.

For example:
the Exile Archer, while the Exile Fighters are all using stone made weapons, these Exile Archers uses a very decent bow and a falcata.

the Tier 4 lonewolf named exile fighters, they wear nice armor, they drop nice armor, but the weapon they use are just some stone made junk.

the Blackhand Archers, they use Ancient Bow while none other Black Hand members uses that type.

the Hyena Guys, they have ancient tier weapons too, but they really don’t look that ancient like those skeletons.

many dancers, even the dafari dancers, they use iron daggers, which is strange and the same problem can be seen on other NPC with specific profession. And even worse, a Dafari tribal slaver would wear the gear of hyperborean which makes them don’t looks like a dafari cannibal tribe member.

My suggestion is:
for all t4 priests, give them weapon that fit their religion for obvious reason, for example, the dafari priest, give him that yog cult mace.
for the Exiles, give their archers Hunting Bow, and a 1h stone tier weapon as sidearm. Give their armored t4 fighters iron tier weapon(Iron Boardsword, Iron 2h Sword, Iron Axe, Iron Mace, Iron Daggers).
for the Dafari tribals, let them all wearing dafari tribal clothing, and let their workers and dancers use all kinds of dafari weapon(the dafari axe was missing in vanilla).
for the Black Hand pirates, give their archers Light Hyrkanian Bow and Iron Board Sword, for their fighters, Cutlass(T3, T4 NPC only, this weapon is so good looking and would be perfect if was exclusive for pirates), Iron Corseque, Iron Short Sword, Iron 2h Sword, wooden targe, weaker version of Iron Mace and Axe.
for Dog of the Desert, give them falcata(T3,T4 NPC only), Iron Pike and good version of Iron Mace and Axe as melee weapon, and Improved Huting Bow as ranged weapon(they look quite savage, so they probably haven’t recieve much Hyrkanian influence).
for relic hunters, give them Stygian Spear/Khopesh for T1,T2 fighter, Steel Spear, Steel Short Sword, Steel 2h Axe for T3 fighters, and Steel Trident, Hardened Steel 2h Axe for T4 bosses. As for their Archers, Improved Hunting Bow and stygian Khopesh(I can’t find any vanilla non-legendary bow that feels lore-friendly enough to be assigned for the relic hunters, so I guess they haven’t developed much into the archery and bow making)

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