Need barbarian two handed axe

Now we got katanas, cool, I know everything is better with ninjas, but we need two handed axes!

One of the more iconic barbarian weapons of history and fantasy!
This has been asked before so I decided to ask again.
will attach some images later.

There are so many wishes and possibilities you could integrate in this game. The programmers won’t have the time to fulfill all the requests. But there are also very talented Modders, which could do also.
This games offers the possibilities for Modding, Funcom is doing a lot to increase these possibilities. And right now there are really some great mods you can try and play if you use the pc version.
So your wish is already fulfilled by the Mod Emberlight
This is the two handed Great Axe from Emberlight


Which still won’t help console players as they will not add mods to consoles, so the only prayer we have is them adding them to the basic game. Real nice axes though.

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