Need concrete info about official server purge rules please

OK. I’m playing on official ps4 server #3058 (Europe) , just for info.
I’ve tried searching ect, and I’m getting some answers but I can’t trust them as things change so much.
my question is:
are the rules about official server purge times being LIMITED to only 1800-2200 STILL CORRECT?
And as its a Europe server, how do i know what timezone the server uses so I can figure out when 1800-2200 is in my own timezone?
How do i go about finding this info out? It’s killing me, staying online constantly when the purge meter is full and I’d really like the purge time limit to be true!
Please help!

C’monnnnn! Somebody has to know, right? :sweat_smile:

Is there no moderator, employee or even a seasoned veteran who can help!?

You can check server time by looking at your event log. Do anything that triggers an entry (put something in a storage box or take fish from traps) and there will be a server time stamp.

Thanks. Is the purge time limit still a thing on official servers?

I’m not sure, but should be listed when you look up the server.

I checked, there wasn’t anything that I could see in the server settings. Don’t know if it’s because I’m on console, but there didn’t seem to be very many settings :woman_shrugging:

I just got on an official server to check. It looks like the purge is restricted from start 18 to end 22. You can check this by going to the start menu, scrolling down to settings, then tabbing over to the server settings.

Wow. You are a lifesaver and I am a complete dumbo! I didn’t even realise there were server settings you could see :woman_facepalming: thank you for your help, I hope you don’t encounter anyone else this dumb today! :joy:

Lol, no problem. I like to help when I can.


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