Need help deciding head piece for dps build

I use pistol/ele with flame-wreathed main and inverter offhand. I was originally going to get Ashes of Crushed Cities but then I heard that Shriven Souls works better for hammer (which I plan on leveling next since I have Pneumatic Maul and that SA agent for hammer) and pistol but I’m unsure which is better. If unload, Blizzard, and Crystallized Flame are my main dps abilities which head piece should I go for?

shriven soul work great with canalised abilities (unload)
1 unload is enough to proc the buff so you get the buff for next unload :slight_smile:

I have not personally tested, but I do assume Shriven Souls will also have this “1 proc per ability” just like every other headpiece. This means 1 Unload will not proc it. 1 Unload will count as 1 hit :slight_smile:

I think you’re getting confused with the global cooldown here - Shriven Souls says “hit the same enemy 3 times” so it does indeed proc multiple times from multi-hit abilities. However, that proc obeys the global one-second cooldown, so if you hit twice in one second it will only count one of those hits.

I just tested and Unload does indeed trigger the Shriven Souls buff (by counting the first, third and fifth hits - the second and fourth hits happen during the global cooldown).

There’s a thread talking about this head in this section Tipsu. The trigger just follows the 1/s rule, so it can get triggered out of 1 channel only, the crit power buff however remains for the whole next channel.

Does Ashes of Crushed Cities also follow the 1/s rule?



If my current dps build uses pistol/ele with my main damage dealers being unload, blizzard, and flame, which dps head would be best suited for me and would it still be good once I change to hammer/ele?

The question I found it better to answer was: are you able to keep up a rotation that always take advantage of the extra damage from Shriven (or Elder Things).

Mine was no, so I went with Crushed Cities, I don’t have to think about doing anything to make sure the damage is applied.

This by DumbOx made my decision very easy:

How would I be able to find out what damage I do?

it’s a bit outdated but all these needs to be done. But you will manage :slight_smile: (You have to if you are supposed to understand the results anyway.)