Need help! Getting Griefed

I am a new player and am getting targeted by a Clan who I was part of for a couple weeks and left due to not liking their play style and being accused of not supporting the clan. I liqudated a base I was working on, left guild and sent the guild the location of the materials they provided me. They have been griefing me ever since. They actively search for my location and destroy my bases and equipment and kill me. Last night they were spawn camping me. I have not attacked them or their bases nor have I trash talked them to provoke their action. They are trying to remove me from “their” server. I could use some help if any are interested. Server is pvp Offical Server #2875. The clan is Helepolis.

Thanks in advance.


Change server.
You’re pretty much done for there, unless a better clan accepts you, which is not common in your situation.

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What @MarcosC suggests is probably your best bet. You can also turn off your ID showing your online. @Noguk it is the world we live in

Keep logging into the server although youve moved to another server so they think you still play on it. If they find you on the new server you have the edge since youve been there longer :slightly_smiling_face:

You could block their profiles, then shift to another server. They won’t be able to track you, message you, group with you or send party /game invites to you if they’re blocked

Been there. Scatter your base(s).

Thanks for all of your feedback.

Good luck!