Need help looking for a server

Are there any good “non-RP” servers that I can join that don’t have alot of rules to follow?

Hey, we are a pve server with the new map. We dont like rules ourself and we especially dont like annoying admins. So that’s the last thing we wanne be. The only rules we have is to keep our server healthy. Like max. amount of building pieces and your last log in before removal. And other obvious rules like dont be toxic and have fun! Thats it. :slight_smile:

So join our server if you’re interested! And i’ll see you there!

Forgotten Lands - Isle of Siptah


If you want to know more, take a peek in our discord.

I don’t have Isle of Siptah yet. I can’t join the new map servers without it.

No problem. You know where to find me if you have the map. :slight_smile:


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