Need Help ! Players are insuilting Hard! Killing the joy out of the game

Game mode: [Online | Pve Server
Problem: [insulting | Player | ]
Region: [Eu]

[hello Community first im sorry if my gramma is not 100 percent correkt . Well me and my friend are playing on a offical pve Server on th for the last days but sicne yesterday a Player is hard insulting us with his Building stuff he builds so that we cant build anymore he put foundation everywhere campfire and Blackboard with Messages like wolha go away and so it really kills the joy at the game i rleally hope that you can help me we dont know how to cantact admin or so . The palyer who insulting us is Lks_250 and his clan
You can contact me at my psn acc ANGELDARKBEAT
PS: i hope that never happens to you guys rly kills the joy out of the game…]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


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