Need help saving our server from jerks

Well it’s nice to have Decayed in the conversation, speaking in full sentences without screaming at their audience in ALL CAPS.

For your viewing pleasure, I just took a number of screen captures of the giant wall that the Spartans have built blocking the spawn area. You may note the bodies of people right outside the wall in a couple.

Apparently they think it’s ok it if they open the gates after someone points out they are in violation of the rules of the game as clearly laid put by Funcom.

And by the way, we of clan White Wolf have loved fighting by your side Decayed against Spartans.

They can insult our play quality all they want, but even with inferior gear and no Vathis thralls the 2 of us got 5 kills to the 2 we took.

I would like to add please Bstein provide the Gm or dev message saying we have to destroy the foundation claim on the server please or can the gM message me directly and say it so I may destroy the foundation claim but that will then let the others claim it and wall it but if a dev messages me I’ll do it within minutes but we farmed everything fairly and destroying it would of spent a lot of time saving the server claiming that land so others didn’t destroy it themselves.

Gm / dev message me directly I’ll happily correspond and work to do this adult like but if your not involved bstein is impersonating a dev or gm …pretending he’s got replies from devs

would have = would’ve

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Hahaha wow get of this thread please

@Reapypursoul the link below is the official thread upon which I based my complaint. I have emailed them back to inform them that you have offered to work with us in a reasonable manner, and requested they have someone chime into this discussion. As I mentioned to Sleepy, they are stretched pretty thin, so I do not know if they will reply again, but hope springs eternal.

I appreciate that we seem to be moving in a good direction here, and should anyone else move to block the spawn area I will happily join you in becoming a pain in their ■■■.

You copied that from the forums :face_with_raised_eyebrow: fact is until I get pmed then yer but I’m not blocking the spawn people can still play and join so false accusations go nowhere

Yes, that article was the basis for the claim, and I have been exchanging some constructive emails with Funcom support. I do not know what they will do, and the article makes clear that they lack the resources to get involved very often and would vastly prefer if players worked things out for themselves. I have sent them an email letting them know that you have demonstrated a willingness to work this out in good faith, and therefore you can rest a bit easier knowing that I am not asking them to take any punitive action at this time. I hope they choose to chime in here, but I have no idea what they will do.

I am not trying to pull anything over on you, and you will learn that I am good to my word.

I have a difficult time accepting just leaving the doors open as they were closed before and can easily be closed again in almost no time. My strongly held preference is that we agree to keep the server open, and oppose any effort by anyone to seal them.

I know this stuff can feel pretty personal at times, but it is not. I wish I had chosen a word other than jerk in the title, as I would be happy living on the same server as you guys.

Note that not only have I shown you respect for the challenge you add to the game, but even Decayed did so here, and has said they enjoy fighting you, even if they lose.

If you take a step back and think about it, there is an opportunity here to bury the hatchet between all parties, remember we are all here because we love the game, and decide on things like whose side we are on based on what we feel will be most fun.

One other thought I have here is that it would be good if @Ecluzi were to make a commitment for Decayed here that they will not ever wall the spawn point if you do agree to give it up.

@Reapypursoul given the length of my prior post here, I do think it is a good idea to clarify a few points.

While I do not wish to share private emails I have exchanged with Funcom, I think it is fair to share a few basic facts.

  1. My conversations have been with customer support, not the devs.

  2. They have not made any commitment to me, only had some constructive communications.

  3. I honestly have no idea what they will do at this point.

  4. I have provided them the link to this thread and asked them to weigh in to help in resolving the situation.

  5. I would be considerably happier if this is resolved without them needing to take any disciplinary action. That is why I made sure to let them know we are trying to work this out.

We @ Decayed don’t have the time or the will to wall anything off… I’d probably hop on RDR2 before I’d spend 10+ hours walling something off. I can speak on behalf of my clan that we would never do this.


It’s worth noting that server restarts can cause doors and gates that have put on a open position with instructions not to auto-close to go into the shut position.
One solution to this issue is to keep the gate/door frame but remove the actual gate/door. Or to provide elevators next to the gate/door.

From reading various forum posts I got the impression that in other cases where Funcom has banned the entire guild for blocking access from character spawn location into the rest of the game, they have not issued warnings but simply banned all in the clan from joining any official server.

Thanks for chiming in @Kwalya. Good information to know

Kwalya you be lying the gates have stayed open for a long time now if you want to prove me wrong come online after restart and show me a recording of you running past the wall for a good amount of time.

There seems to be a mis-understanding. I did not mean to imply this has occurred to the gates in this structure specifically.

My comment re: gates & doors shutting randomly after a server restart was a general comment on what might occur based on what I have witnessed on my pc PvE server.
Specifically my clan-mate placed a gate and left it open with instructions for it not to close … when we next logged on after a server restart, the gate was closed.
Apologies if you thought it was specifically directed at your clan. I thought the information that server restarts may over-ride the instructions causing it to shut without the owning clan telling it to might help calm people down when they come across it closed.

Oh np we on xbox so must be only a pc problem

Something to consider:

Something like this has hit the fora before now.

Walling off the map at the spawn point is against the ToS,
The clan can get banned for doing such; individual within clan level of participation does not matter.
Having doors that are open in a image may not matter.
There are no GMs on the servers to moderate.
Most times, there are no warnings before the ban hits.
There is little chance of arguing a case after the ban.

Better to remove the wall first
Beg permission to create one next.

We removed the doors but as far as the land claim goes no because now we’re not blocking nothing you can join and and play the game and experience all that Conan offers if these guys were not so troll like and didn’t bully others we wouldn’t have to take such measures to prevent exploiters and dos members now the server is beautiful no disconnecting no lag switchers no duper’s legit players decayed still linger but raiding them daily will prove my point we don’t need a wall we just use skills :heart: Rip whitewolf and decayed :heart::smiling_imp:

@Reapypursoul the server is ‘beautiful’ because it’s been largely empty lately. The only time we see issues is when we deal with large battles involving large structures. The ONE X seems to be able to handle it, older consoles seem to have serious challenges.

That said, removing the gates seems like a good start to me. It is not what I want as a permanent solution, but I am listening to you and Sleepy, and trying to treat your stated concerns seriously.

I have been sending support updates on these discussions, and asking them to get a moderator to chime in. I do not know if they will reply to me again or what they will do, but I am trying to be fair to you here.

I am also honored that I finally topped Decayed on your list.

I still do not think anyone is actually launching DOS attacks, but I can only say for sure that I would never even consider doing so.