Need help saving our server from jerks



FYI. This morning I visually confirmed that the doors are gone, so from the perspective of this issue I think we are good for now. I will make sure to inform Funcom that we have reached this point and request they not take action at this time.

I will of course keep posting about this soap opera as things play out, so stay tuned.


TBH, doors gone may not stop a ban. All it takes is for them to go up once, and a new person cannot get in. The idea is this an official server. and no one gets to decide if the doors on noob river stay open or not. Obelisks and resource spawns are open to this sort of “Defense”, but noob river is where new level 1’s log in and join the game. I would think Funcom does not want someone who just shilled out money to not be able to play on a free server. Just giving a heads up, as I hate to see someone banned because they thought they were compromising, when in reality, noob river blocking is not up to server votes.


It is a good point. From my perspective, it is enough progress for me to withdraw my complaint, but if they were to listen to my honest advise they would remove it all.

They seem to have a hard time believing me, so I am doing what I can to build trust between us outside the game.


Greeting to those who have been following this thread…

If you are interested, I would be happy to evolve this into a bit more of a positive and fun thread by sharing my perspective on the history of 2575.

It has generally been a very active and exciting server, and it certainly has a storied history.

I can also start a different thread and invite those who express interest if you think that makes sense.

I enjoy the crafting of storytelling, and if there is interest, I would be happy to tell you ours.


My clan is willing to help all we do is liberate servers from jerks


Hey @Jarule94, we would be happy to have your clan on the server fighting the good fight.

Viva La Resistance!


I just saw where @Reapypursoul called out Omega. I second the feeling on that one. They turned the whole brimstone location into a parking lot.


Looks like they are trying to take the base out tonight. Hoping to get home to defend it soon.

They changed their name to Alpha Spartans now.


Now the server is very active again. Doors are still off the “Alpha Spartans” wall. Another clan is now calling themselves Spartans and do not appear to be related to the forces are darkness.


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Well, we are not going anywhere as we have invested heavily in the server. If they wipe it, well then we can move on at that point.


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It’s not our only server… but this whole thing has been pretty nuts. I am looking forward to see it play out.



Hello. I’ve taken the time to read all of this. While some of this is a bit dubious, I’ll pass on some info higher up the chain. I’m not promising any actions, but you have been seen and heard so we’ll see what happens. Assumably, though, if you have passed actionable info to the exploit hunters then it should be getting looked at. :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend, folks.