Need help to get my clan back

Official server 1750, me and my friend were both in the clan and we wanted to add another friend, but for some reason I couldn’t see the promote button, so I clicked the blank button for several times, no response, and suddenly I was kicked out of the clan, and my genius friend leaved clan to add me again, so now we are in a new clan, and the old one with nobody in it, so can someone help me with this problem to get my clan back…plz help…

I don’t think there’s anything you can do about that. What’s done, is done.

Well I really hate the comma between done and done😢

If the old clan is disbanded, everything would be owned by the last member in the clan. Was it just the two of you? If it is, everything would be under your friend and clanning back up would solve it

I don’t know how he operated, but after I was kicked out of the clan, he added me back into another clan with a different name, so maybe it was lagged when I clicked on his name, I still don’t know how this happened, it was all happened at once.

What @Jimbo asked you was not this.
Were only the 2 of you in this clan?
Because if it was only the 2 of you YOU LOST NOTHING.

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Yes there were just two of us, but now no one owns the building of the clan, maybe it’s a bug or something, I’ll post the problem on bug section again, thx guys for ur help.

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Probably it would be better and faster if you proceed on Zendesk ticket explaining your situation, you will have way faster response and maybe your building will not decay. Thanks for bringing it, it is surely a bug, send ticket, good luck :+1:t6:
Follow link under

I doubt there is anything FC can do. The Pippi mod could help an admin in this situation, but only if the players who were previously in the clan didn’t log out. Even that has its limitations, and sometimes doesn’t work there. And obviously this doesn’t apply to officials.

I think they’ll need to watch the decay of their old base, mark down the time and hit it up to get their stuff back.

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Sure, but he looses nothing trying :man_shrugging:. An effort will hurt nothing. Other than that if Zendesk ticket will solve the issue of @honeyoo it would be a pretty important feedback for us. So if it works @honeyoo would you be kind enough to tell us thank you.

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My friend transferred his character yesterday to my server, so it’s another bug, guess I’ll have to start over again :smiling_face_with_tear:

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a small thank is very expensive as you can see…

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It might be worth investing in some dragon powder. You might not have to raid your own base but just destroying a building piece should refresh the timer if you need more time to sort this out.

Not sure if Zendesk will be able to help you though as banned players could exploit that to save their stuff. Anything is worth a try though.

This thread was five months old. I suspect whatever the OP decided to do has been done by now.

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Yeah i know xD . the person I identified is still present on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

You can never been too sure. Wanna meet back here in 5 more months?