Need help, why no XP gain

got a old free account activated, been a short time now. Mostly playing new characters, on new accounts. But this one has a Trader I can use, but he’s not gaining any XP. I checked the behavior tab , and it’s not there.
I noticed one time when I died, nothing changed either.

I may had this problem when I last played and the no help may had been why I stopped playing.

This may be why I changed him to a MA Trader, since he is kinda useless, or I may have been playing him as a MA trader. Any ways what was I doing has been forgotten, I just know he is not gaining and XP.
Till I vested some time leveling up another trader, I won’t delete/replace him, I can still use him for easy lvl 80-90 dyna’s (soloing)
but having a heck of a time finding why he is not getting any xp

Forgot to mention: I checked other characters on that account, and they gain XP , or lose it

That sounds really strange, if the Disable XP option isn’t ticked then you should be gaining XP.

Do you get the experience message? Does it show any values?

You might have to petition about it if your character is bugged somehow.

No, I checked to make sure ‘Gain XP’ was checked too


gave up waiting for answer. Might be it was a free account, nothing was looked into. That was almost 8 years ago. Like I mentioned, it’s probably why I stopped playing . . Frustration

Just hoping for some fresh ideas. I’m not stressing about it

okay . .I didn’t do anything.
decided to take a moment and see if I get lucky, and get a nano from a Dana Boss, the level was gray, took 5 dana bosses, but got my nano . .but it was during the end of the 3rd dana, I noticed I gained 1xp . . whoa, has the curse been lifted . … after getting the nana, I dashed back to the mission terminal, got a low one, since the MA Trader is pretty week soloing, set the sliders for credits, I didn;t want to be running in and out healing. Most of the mobs were grey :pensive:, slider just one level too low, so there were some 1xp happening, finally to some just light green, and there it was . . XP again

I didn’t do any thing to settings or game, just played like normal. and I’m getting xp now :discopug:

Thanks for taking the moment to helping solve this

now how am I going to fix this trader to being useful again :thinking:

Maybe enable the “Disable all XP gains” zone and then disable it. Maybe flipping might help it. Also do a daily mission and pay close attention to the messages you get when completing it. Do you get tokens when completing missions?

Happy to hear that it’s working. Have fun! :smiley: