Need help with dedicated server troubleshooting

So I followed the instructions given with the dedicatedserver.exe thread and made a server with friends (in order to remove the tethering)

It worked fine we could join, latency was good, so I shut it down, added some mods and we played on it

I shut it down went to sleep and the next day its completely unusable

Ther server simply shut itself down rather than staying online, even without any mod

The log tracker also shows a wall of erros such as failed to read the game map, failed to connect to ports & adress despite the tests showing 0 problem on the IP adress & ports

Could it be that you have dynamic IP? That may mess with the port fowarding and all.

No dynamic IP

In the end I waited a few more minutes before launchign the game and it stoped crashing, no idea what exactly caused it but it stoped liek it appeared

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