Need help with GPUs

Not Conan-related (fine it IS related, because this is the most GPU-heavy game on my computer), but I need your advice forum comrades.

I have a RX 580 Nitro+ SE, which could gave me 50-60 FPS on high, at FullHD. Now that I have encountered some unmissable deals for a new set of RAM, processor and motherboard and a 2560x1440 monitor, my poor GPU is suffering to press out more than 40 FPS. I don’t want to lower the settings, because looks is one of the most important elements of the game (I don’t want 666 FPS, but a terrible, below-low settings game), and I wanted to buy a new card (3060 TI or 3070) anyway. But:

BUT!! The prices are waf off of the MSRP. Especially here in Hungary, there I can see (above mentioned) cards hitting 1500$ - roughly calculated from HUF - pretty often. The average price is around 1000 dollars which is ridiculous.

  • So, my question to you guys is: if anyone knows a card for a normal (max. 500 $ roughly) for sale and it has an international shipping (not for thousands of dollars, because I have seen some cases, where the card is at MSRP, but the shipping was more than 6000 (yes, thousand!) $…, don’t contain in yourselves, tell me!

(I know it’s not the proper site to cry about not getting new GPU, but those prices forces the people to get around this situation somehow.)

Why does anybody need more than a stable 30 FPS anyway?

Human Eye and FPS

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Smoother. Even 50 FPS is way smoother than 40, you can notice the difference. It is quite immersion-breaking when you run in the northern forests and the trees instad of passing you by, they “micro-teleport”.
I had a RX 460 2GB for a long time, and I got used to the max. 30 fps, until I upgraded to the 580 and the difference was noticeable.
The human brain probably can’t process more than 60 fps, which means in real life that if you are talented and have really good eyes, and fast acting neurons, you can almost identify every frame if the scene is played around that FPS region. more than 60-70 FPS, you wouldn’t recognise individual pictures, but the video created by 75+ pictures/seconds will seem smoother.

And more importantly: in combat, your character and the enemy won’t “micro-teleport” around, so you can hit more precisely, and not stare at your dead body, when you faced a dragon, and suddenly it chopped you in half from BEHIND. At least it is my experience. Lower FPS = bigger delay between pictures. But the calculations that the AI makes is constant, so more time = more distance from the previous post on the previous frame.

And sadly no matter how hard NVIDIA or AMD says that most of their product-palette is for the gamers, it is a complete lie. Obviously they don’t give a single f**k who buys their product until somebody buys them.
I remember I bought my 580 (used) for 190ish dollars (60.000 HUF) on previous summer, now I see the exact same type of cards flying around for 650 USD (210.000 HUF). Insane.
And used, low-end, 3 generations old entry level cards for a price more than the MSRP of a new RTX 30 series cards…

Usually outside of Hungary the prices are somewhat moderated compared to here (1.5-2x price vs. 3-4-5x price), but they are out of stock or can’t ship to Hungary, or if they ship, it costs thousand dollars.

That is a sad, messed up time period.

You can get them at msrp if buying a whole pc. Building your own is just way more expensive than buying prebuilt right now. You can get a 3090 in a maingear for example at the list price with no trouble at all.


Wait for the re release of new RTX2060 12GB

It should be more than enough to run Conan Exiles, if you’re lucky the price will be around the “promised” msrp, but expect it to sell out the same day it releases.

EVGA probably offers you the highest chance, submit to their 24 hour priority program. Search for their site since I’m probably not allowed to share the direct link on the forums (due to advertising, only try to help LOL).

If you’re too late wait for the next batch.

It is super frustrating, gamers are on the bottom of the list getting cards cause people (mostly miners) buy them in high volumes which is cost efficient for the sellers logistics…

Just never ever buy it from scalpers, they are partially to blame for the shortages, they only want extra money from you while not needing it themselves -.- its like buying a concert ticket that sells out they don’t want to go to but resell it for higher values (sometimes I wish people weren’t this greedy).

How some industries are killing the gaming industry…

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My first two PCs back then were whole PCs, but I got interested in assembling by myself, so after that when prices were normal, I built my own PC.
If I wouldn’t have a fairly good PC, I would definately buy one, but now I’m afraid that I can not sell the parts. Or I just could sell it as a whole. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
But it is less likely to sell it as a whole than selling a GPU. I don’t know why, but I have this fear of not being able to “get rid off” of my previous stuff.

@drachenfeles Ahh, thanks for the correcting! Fool me. I was thinking of the ODM brands, not the actual semi-conductor manufacturers, just… it was hard to switch from Hungarian to English. :upside_down_face:

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People still believe this?

Pretty much this. I’d almost suggest getting two of them if you can afford it. Just in case one breaks. I don’t see this GPU issue getting resolved anytime soon.


Everything below 90 FPS is stuttering for me. I can feel (see) it and it annoys me.

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On the EVGA’s site the signing up for queue is disabled because of high demand sadly.

Also is Conan that VRAM-heavy? Because as I saw, the 12GB version of the 2060 is using the “plain” 2060 memory interface, not the 2060 Super, so it’s bandwidth will be slower than the Super. Of course it still would be a perf. boost over my current card’s memory data transfer (336 GB/s vs. 256GB/s).

@Taemien I read that this version will have a higher MSRP, than the 3060 Ti.

@AxeIsAnnoying Lucky you (or unlucky, poooor me)! I never thought about trying to feel the difference between high and higher FPS, simply because as I mentioned before, texture, and overall graphical quality is a top priority criteria for me. But for testing purposes… :thinking:

Supposedly there is a chip shortage worldwide and crypto miners are buying up all the new GPUs as soon as they come out. This is what i’ve heard is driving the prices up for GPUs if you buy them alone.

It may be more cost effective to buy a pre-built gaming computer.

Also, I remember reading a post on this forum from one of the admins at Funcom that said Conan is more RAM and CPU intensive than GPU intensive.

Good luck :smile:

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Ouch I didn’t know that, do check it at least weekly though be persistent :slight_smile:

Nah the GPU is the only one being available to buy (before it sells out) I noticed the 12GB only to clarify that the new one is going to be a 12GB everything different is custom or older and when you search just the RTX2060 the search results get cluttered by the older overpriced GPU.

So adding the 12GB in the searches is just a more direct way to search this particular new GPU release.

And be careful with scams, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.


I looekd around in Hungarian webshops, and well… prebuild PCs have terrible prices too, the cheapest one being around 2500 USD.

@prologue1337 probably that’s gonna be the only choice, is to buy a 2060 12Gb. And about the scams: I WAS scammed months before on facebook marketplace. And those guys now everywhere! They advertised a little above MSRP prices (20-100 euros), and I was the stupidest man alive, to bite on it (I have to say that wasn’t the best timeframe of my life, having multiple family-related problems). A so called “Outlet Galaxie” shop, and they got in contact with you via WhatsApp. So if anyone sees this kind of ads, AVOID THEM! And don’t be as stupid as me.

@drachenfeles yeah, there is a shortage of semi-conductors, and slowly of everything. I think it would be enough SCs for gaming, and regular use, but the cryptomining-business castrated the whole process, andd the demand skyrocketed.

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I have a 2K 144Hz monitor, so yeaaaah… I would have to sell my car to buy a card that can achieve that! :rofl:
But as I set it up, I lowered it to 60 until I got a new card. And it is pretty smooth already.

For anybody’s informtion: I have extra pressure on me, since my girlfriend saw the game, she wants to play, but she has a 15 years old laptop! My plan is to give her this 580 and the older parts and build her a PC.


Interestingly, the situation has normalized here in Japan. Quantities available in every shop for MSRP without many exceptions. The trouble is that MSRP is often still too high IMO. Meanwhile online prices are insane at about 2x MSRP - even places like Amazon (and maybe especially Amazon). The used market here is decent too. Used 2080Ti for about $700 ~ $850, for example. And it’s been good(ish) like this for months here. I got my 2080Ti for $500 in April I think, and sold my 1080Ti on Yahoo Auction (which is what most Japanese use instead of eBay) for the same about 3 months later - which was just luck as most were going for around $400 at the time.

I dunno if this helps you now but maybe someone looking for a card can consider the Japanese market and get something at MSRP instead of the rip-off prices on Amazon and etc.

PS: Some may find this funny, but I’ll be upgrading to a 3080 or 3080Ti when those are available used for $500 too. :innocent:


Only 3 (of about 30) video cards available through Best Buy… All of them have 2gb or less.


Meanwhile the UK is busy being a technological backwater (as usual) - one 2080ti available ($2000), three or four 3080s (each over $2000). Think I may be waiting a while, lol.


From what I can tell the “shortage” is an artificial one at this point. So who knows when that will come to an end???


I get my Gaming PC in next day or so (when ever Best Buy calls me to tell me its in)

rtx 2060 6gb, I pretty much had settle on… 12gb is just so over priced. 1300$ rigged jumps to 2000+ -_-’

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My buddy in Finland just got a 3070Ti last week for $1,100 (USD Equiv) at the local shop in Kemi, and I thought that was crazy… goodness me…

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