Need Help with Pet Taming

Hi there I was hoping someone could help me since I recently decided to come back to Conan to play around with the pet system but I can’t seem to get it to work. My issue is that I have no feat to unlock the animal pens, online I read that it is tied in with the thrall section but I don’t have anything there and I already unlocked the wheel of pain.

Another video online said to visit the lil werewolf dude in the desert to unlock it but he had no option for it and the only option was the potion to enter the dungeon of which I couldn’t get to the end unfortunately.

I do have the ability to pick up pets and my settings tab has options to adjust the animal pen but since I can’t build the pen they just slowly die in my arms T.T I’ve checked my carpenter bench and things but there is no option to craft it either. I can spawn the pens into my inventory with the admin panel but I don’t want to have to do that.

Is there something I’m just missing? Is my game just glitched? I’m so confused :S

No you don’t need to go to J. Sagg’s guy. “Apprentice Tamer” feat is available on lvl 13 if you have “Thrall Taker”. Try to look for it in your last feat tab with a search box (one with “magnifying glass” icon). Search may be case-sensitive by the way.

Thanks for the reply, my issue is that the feat is not showing up despite me being level 26 and already having Thrall Taker and I’ve searched everything I can think of in the last tab and just went through each thing individually but there is no Apprentice Tamer or anything.

I do play with a couple aesthetic mods so I’ll try disabling them and start a new game to see if the feat shows up then, if not I guess I’ll just put the game on the shelf for now.

EDIT: Just wanted to update, after turning off my mods the feat did appear so one of them must be conflicting with it, I’ll have to spend some time figuring out which one it is exactly but I just wanted to say I appreciate the responses and my issue is resolved.


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