Need hot fix or a update to fix these bugs ty

I have download the game (age of conan unchained) on steam and I couldn’t find the support in the game. So this is what steam give me. The trouble I am having is a quest Stygia-pyramid of the ancients- lord atum-keket; I have complete the eyes “a discerning eye” and have all four of the (ward corruption, ward piety, fire ward and frost ward), but the rock door has not opened like it did in the past. Also I was told that there is more quests in the “city of tortage night” were I stop at the awakening 2, but there no one to active the awakening 3. I have talk to everyone on the map and check all the doors (even the 2nd floor in the inn). Now the crafting is not working; I have all the what it ask to make it, but when I click on create nothing happens. it is not red and it has a black dagger in forward of the quest.

On the quest, you may need to revisit all 4 of the apparitions again.

To complete the Tortage night quests, go to night and see your trainer.

For crafting, a few things it could be. You can’t be mounted. Some Items need a guild city building at the right level to make. Sometimes you need to zone or re-log if you just acquired a recipe.

None of these sound like a hot-fix is needed.

Nightime quests in Tortage: Depending on your class you need to talk to the NPC in the Thirsty Dog Inn who trains you. You can always switch daymodes at this NPC. Tina for rogues, Sigurd for soldiers, Belesa for healers, Cramaleico for mages. Awakening III needs lvl 15.

Regarding your problems with crafting more and specific information is needed to help you.

I don’t understand. I fought two of the apparitions, but the third and fourth on the 3rd floor don’t show up and the only way it did in the past when I was doing the eye quest. However I complete that and it does not show up again to complete.

For the night quests I have talk to everyone that would talk back. That means the trainer too.

The crafting; I was not mounted, it is the first basic quest and I reset, left the zone/ return to the zone. However, I get the same thing.

thank you guys for reply and updates

I have the same class as my friend does that pass awakening 2 and active awakening 3. Plus we both start at the same time too and now I am lvl 52.

What can of info do you need to help me with crafting?

What is your class? And your trainer does not give you the option to go into nightmode? If you last did Awakening II the next quest is Letter to the King II. If you your trainer lets you, go into nightmode and talk to Arias. If that does not help, check were your quest is at exactly (, and then make a petition, explaining your problem as exactly as you can, because GMs do not help with random questions about quests, only with specific problems or bugs.

More info about crafting: which profession, which item, what guild city buildings etc. Someone who comes to the forum asking for a hotfix for various random problems does not seem like someone who pays very much attention to the details. All three of the problems sound like you missed something that was told in quest text etc., so the first step for us if we want to help you is to nail down the real problem. From: crafting not working! we can not start to figure out where the real issue is. No offense, the more info you give the better someone will be able to help.

My class Aquilonian, Dark templar (52), I can go to nightmode, I don’t have “letter to the king 2”. I have talk to Arias and see the ghost before awakening 2 was complete. Then nothing happen, no more quests for nightmode or another way to active another quest.

I find out the problem with crafting; it was my mouse. My mouse was not working right in the game for some reason, so I reconfiguration it now I can click on the create button and have what I made.

Thank you for the update about how to ask for help and the way I need to ask for help.

what ghost are you talking about? i don’t remember any in the tortage questline… :thinking:

Yawgmoth; thank you
I mean Nadini, but I did talk to Arias many times. The only thing Arias said “I can’t talk here” or “no, no, I can’t” or “maybe later” above his head. Plus Arias doesn’t give me the option of talk like Nadini. I mean when you have your mouse on the NPC it show the mouth and option to click on “tell me about yourself” or “goodbye” or etc…

It might help if you show us screenshots of your quest log. Specifically showing all quests you have in Tortage Day or Night. Also screenshots of the list of all completed Tortage Night Quests.

If you do /peition in-game, a GM will be able to more easily determine what is going wrong.

Piankhi; thank you
Lol, I got a message said “Sorry, new users can not upload images.” I don’t know how long that would last. I guess, I will wait see if it will get fix or I find a way to active the next tortage night quests. Also I am still stuck in the Stygia-pyramid of the ancients-lord atum-keket. Where I have done the “a discerning eye” and been up and down the floors to get the rock door to open, but only get the 2 apparitions (1st and 2nd floor). The 3rd floor does not show them any more (3rd and 4th apparitions).

About the images, yeah, you have to post more on these forums before it will allow you to upload images and paste complete links. An annoying rule, but there to slowdown/stop bots I guess. You can get around this restriction by uploading your images to a site like Imgur, then post the link to them with some spaces so the forum won’t know it is a link.

For you Pyramid problem, it sounds like you will have to talk to a GM in-game to help you with that.