They really need to make it free game of the month again fo PS PLUS players last time it was on there was 2018, they gotta do it again just to have it it in the front page of the game store or they gotta do something with the advertisement of 3.0 cause game is definitely forgotten. They just gotta keep updating cause it’s still laggy but it’s a good game deserves to have pop

They should also re model the server list. It’s actually ugly and out dated , let us shot if it’s east/ western time, actual useful information and making it go from high to low pop by default so it doesn’t show new players the game is dead

Before they let people play it for free they should fix the issues. Else it makes no sense when you get a free bluescreen game at this moment.

I realy hope they make it soon and don’t like the last time with the loading screen. It takes ONE Full year to fix it.

My EL pvec server is around 20 players at prime time. And also the server is well populated not the same 20 everytime. So for me I don’t need more players on this server.

My siptah server looks the same but now me and other can not login anymore. But before 3.0 there where 10-15 player online at prime time.


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