Need Official Admin Help!


PS4 Server 3553. There was an issue this morning were undermeshers got into our base by undermeshing, maybe. Took 6 purge thralls basically wiped us. Our clan is Sons of Odin. The other issue is that a clan member could’ve open doors for these people that are believed to be also ddosing. We know for sure they have undermeshed bases though. If an admin could send me a log of online loggins from within the past 24 hours on server 3553 on PS4 I’d really appreciate it! Also the undermeshers could use a good delete if you’re feeling up for it. :slight_smile: Thanks!

There are no admins on officials. To report the issue follow the procedure explained here and hope for the best:

You will not receive any logs or any other information related to the incident from Funcom.