Need Rune store guys

This is exactly why I was hasitating to answer your initial response to my personal gear and time spend. It totally derails the thread and I dont think anyone is interested in how much time i spend on what content. If you want to know you can send me private messages in aoc and i can explain the details.

The point I make is a fundamental opinion that pvp gear and runes, obtained by pvp, should outperform pve gear in pvp. Less preferable but perhaps acceptable if there is this unbalance would be to obtain it in fc shop.

The gear that I wear is totally irrelevant for the discussion.

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Dont argue with mcnavy, because of 2things
1 i wastold that he does RMT, so he plays this gane mostly for money and he has no interest in any impovement of aoc.
2 he is much younger then you so perhaps he has much more free time for play, expecially for raids and etc. Its pointless trying to proof somethingforppl with no life.

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another fragile ego
i dont even have 2 rf rings on any of my toons,because it takes more time than full t6 :D and how is adding minus stats on rf rings isnt an improvement,but adding raid loot in shop - is

the point is, you don`t add raid loot in shop,but make it useless in PvP…
same with rf rings

well back to the point of this derailed thread, I agree it would be nice to get access to the runes that are only available from events (and not currently available from in-game content).


I have mixed feelings on the topic. On one hand, I would like to get things that I missed (pets, runs, drinking cape…). On the other hand, you paid a premium to get items described as exclusive. If they become obtainable later, then they are not truly exclusive.


An this comment should end the conversation in this thread

Apples and peaches… And do I have to remind all of you pvp only players, that you always repeat that the PvE content is so easy that even monkeys can do it?

Live with it… AoC has become a PvE game. PvP is a bonus and Funcom does not care about PvP. 90% of the remaining players do PvE and not PvP content. Let them have their shiny gear to try to compete in PvP, every experienced PvP player will destroy them anyway.


but it`s not only top2 guilds can get t5 runes, here is a difference :slight_smile:

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but the problem is experienced PvP players with those shines :slight_smile:
i totally understand what are they talking about, but adding t5 runes in the store is …
but making rf/t5/otherpve things useless/or t1pvp lvl is the thing which need to be done

So it’s unfair, that someone who does extra effort to grind those shinies and is as skilled as me, will have an advantage?

I understand frustration about the exiles rune and the other special offer rune. But T5 Rune is about 2 evenings joining a T5.
You dont need a guild for that and if you join any raidforce which is clearing t5 right now and dont suck balls, your effort is about 4-6 hours total for the rune.


18 t5 relics per raid, which takes 5 evenings to get a rune if you’re not Lucky enough with urns

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it is fair if those shines are from PvP :slight_smile:
in that case - it`s kinda unfair yes

For some raids, its 1hr-1hr20.

The fact people want all the shinies, but dont want to go to the effort of actually playing the game, shows why Funcom brought out onslaught and likely has no ambition or plans to do T7. They understand the majority of the playerbase are only interested in equipping some blingy gear, and have no interest in improving or learning the mechanics of a class.

Its likely the same reason why 12 man raids wouldnt be a thing, as the 12 people who carry a raid, would leave the 12 sandbags behind to grind raidfinder.


12 man raids are good,but I want my wall spot in there!

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Plays mmorpg where progression is the main course of the game.
Complains that stuff is too hard to get.
Gets everything for free, whines that there is nothing to do in the game
Whines that real raids and dungeons are for elitist people because scrub from rf that only spams white hit and does not read chat is not being invited to a raid…

Solution, create forum posts about it crying and whining like a snowflake


How do you want to get a rune which was available from limited edition as a reward? The offer is not available anymore as it was temporary so take it to your chest like a man and accept it as it is.

I don’t mind if Fc makes the runes from previous sub deals available for purchase in the store.

As long as they don’t put that exile rune in the store. that thing is just way to strong for an item you just buy in the item shop.

But it’s fine to just buy Conan exiles and ask a refund 5 minutes later to get it?

Barbarian edition with aoc goodies is not available anymore