Need some help because of Griefing

Hello I have the following problem I am playing with a friend Conan Exilels on the Xbox on the official pve server 2004. We were together in a clan until the other said we were stealing from them but everything we had was collected by ourselves. We had already relocated our base and close to the others only a small production site that was partly demolished and NPC’s were missing afterwards while we were offline and in our new base. The new base was on a mountain and unreachable to enemy NPCs and animals but we got killed by wolves. What can only be if the other members of the clan have built stairs and lured the wolves to us, and after that resources have been missing. After that we decided to leave the clan. Since after leaving a clan everything you had built and stored in boxes is lost , the friend first stepped out and I gave him everything we had and he put it back in boxes while part of what I gave himwas stolen out of the loot bag. And then 13 full boxes a workbench, two preservation boxes and one improved preservation box full of food and animals got blocked with foundations, walls and ceilings so that we can’t get our stuff back and the boxes are already gone with all of our resources. Now they are building foundations in our newest base so we can’t build anymore and the members from the other clan lured
Boss animals into the base that have killed all our tamed animals and warriors. Is there anything that can be done about it or do we have to start on a new server from scratch? What we really don’t want after spending several weeks on this server. Thanks in advance and apologies for the longer text.

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You might be better off just going to a more “peaceful” server.

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this type of harassment. You should reach out to the development team and see what their response is. Understand that there are a lot of official servers out there with a lot of players so in their post they do say that covering all of them is difficult. You can also reach out to Microsoft. They have a Code of Conduct. I do not know the extent of the situation but if the player(s) are crossing the line of harassment outlined there then you need to take gameplay footage and report them to Microsoft as well. It creates a toxic gaming environment for everyone. It’s understandable that everyone plays together on a PVE server, crosses paths and “mines” the same resources. Those are game resources which no one lays claim to until they are in inventory. To then grief a player across the map, across days and use map bosses to circumvent the game settings to break builds is in my opinion a true player toxic. I would suggest you move servers. I know it isn’t fun to start over, to grind and to rebuild but if there is any way to avoid players like that I personally think it’s worth it.

Funcom Harassment & Griefing Thread

Microsoft XBL Abuse Reporting & Code of Conduct

Sorry to hear about griefers as I am dealing with one now. He thinks he is the god of the server. I have the message with him stating that, I unfriended this guy as he tried to say I was stealing fom him on a pve server, I showed him my log shows the same behaviour from him too and told him he shouldn’t try and accusse others if he doesn’t understand how the long system works an in I said goodbye and r em over him from friends list. He has now too do me to “eat sh*t” and to “find another server” also he has " 9k foundations " ready to go to surround my base, to keep me from playing on the server. Now I have photos of all these messages an d nothing will be done because funcom doesn’t stop griefers or harrassement fom others. Sorry but either deal with it or move on and hope you find a non toxic server on Xbox. As for PS4 since game went free from ps plus this is more toxicity than ever. Free brings in many good players but it also brings in many toxic ones as well. Funcom isn’t ready to deal with these people and never will.

If they are sending you bad language like that through Xbox Live, report them. It’s a banable offense. Reach out to Microsoft and let them know you’ve been harassed thoroughly in game and run out of options.

I can’t say which server to join, official or unofficial. There certainly are a lot of them out there. You’ll find some real bad apples on all servers and in all games I think. Will that though there are some great people so don’t let the experience get you down. Once you get to know a good group hopefully you won’t have to deal with anyone like that person. Really it’s about finding a place you feel most comfortable and supported in.

Try reaching out to Funcom in the links above and don’t give up. Also reach out on their social media (Twitter). If that sort of falls through look on the unofficial servers. Those are run by players so be careful. There are some not so great but also some ok ones. On those you’re under the umbrella of whoever runs the server which is an unknown. You’re welcome to look up ours though it is a PVE-C server. We don’t allow griefing/trolling like that.

Fyi. Always build a pathway, or bridge, or elevator connecting your base to other areas. This effectivly makes it unrealistic for someone to wall you in. Basically, if they would need 10,000 foundations… two or three short pathways could increase that number to 100,000. If they view it as unrealistic, they will focus on training bosses to you, or ganking you, rather than walling you in.

You can try bughunters. E-mail them absolute proof of (serious) abuse that is undeniable, indefensible, and impossible for you to overcome. Provide screenshots with coordinates(key combo provides this). They don’t have the manpower to onvestigate/prove or disprove. Do all the hardwork for them, do it well, do it honest, and they might go out of their way to help you. It is not a guarantee, but I can vouch for it if it involves real world threats, and complete walling in of players.

I’m my case I have turned everything into funcom and playstation. And yes I have everything he has written to me saved and reported to both. It’s not his first offense on ps but hopefully it’s his last. I’ll be able to continue my life without worrying about him.


It can’t be said enough - you shouldn’t and no one should be going through something like that. This isn’t the frontiers of gaming and this game has been out for some time now. We really need support for harassment.


Well all funcom will say is we don’t have support for official servers, we will take it all case by case, and only in extreme circumstances will we do anything. So having to leave your clan or a server because a clan s harrassing/griefing you and keeping you from enjoying the game isn’t extreme. After a year of playing Conan exiles I believe I am done.

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I don’t know if you have seen the most recent patch notes. Trello has been something for the community for a while and always a link I try to have players bookmark and refer to a lot. It is a great ongoing “roadmap” from the dev team which gives insight on what they have worked on, are working on and could be prioritizing for the future.

This patch around, they have wanted to let players know that the community can be a part of the process. Join in and vote in Trello to let the dev team know what is important to you such as the admin panel or a more in depth reporting process on official servers. Here on the forums posting topics that are in depth, descriptive, possibly have screenshots (no doxing/revealing info of people) and gameplay sharing and some constructive criticism in a positive way are all ways of bringing attention to the player side of the world of Conan Exiles. Documenting these for possible incorporation into Trello helps!

I know it may feel like it’s a little late, frustrating and there are more finished games out there but remember too that this is only 1 year of progress. I feel a lot of what you feel and the only way to change it is to keep pushing through offering these sorts of insights of experiences. Many players don’t talk about the average. They only gush about the great or touch on the bad and bail. It’s really helpful to explain what is bad, why, how you might have a better experience and maybe take a break if needed and visit to see if a change happens.

Developers work at a human pace with crazy unhuman deadlines of bugs to fix piled on asks of new content. It’s no excuse, just their lives. They have to balance fixing game release vanilla bugs with patch bugs, new content (to keep funding the game) bugs and any additional bugs created from fixing bugs. All players always want things and never agree so it’s a tug between what works, what wows the players, what the creators want to convey and what the company approves.

So, if the game has become too much, definitely stop playing and balance your life with content that is more enjoyable. If you can, offer Trello/forum input. Never let anyone grief you out of what you enjoy in life or gaming :blush:

I will definitely use trello. I can always deal with bugs in games. I just dont like that they dont really do anything to stop griefiing. Thanks for sharing

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