Need some metal piece to work on!

Hello, really having a lot of fun in CE, playing for one year now. Thrall emotes was a great add (sad they not added spank a… to thrall lol). Recently i discovered that work metal emote, would be more fun if there are some metal piece to hammer, other than plates and pans, the only i found more siutable was the decorative metal skull. (The book a side it the fisrt volume of crafting demonic metal skull for dummies)

Another thing is that i spent one thrall to do so. It would be great if some thrall were merelly decorative, if there are some sort of spot to put a dancer (not a pole), or a thrall juggling, or figthing each other like gladiators, and of course musicians. I know that exists mods already but it would be fun in the base game too if its possible. (and a saddle for the camel keeping its inventory size)

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