Need somethong cleared up

Not sure if there is already a thread about this… The wiki was a bit vague in the subject…
I am new to conan exiles, not new to these kind of games so already had an idea of what was going on. I just can’t to figure somthing out.

I have a few people on my server and it seems that all my clan memebers can hold square on a wall and use the dismantle option and it let’s them on anybodys buildings…

Is this happening just because they are a clan member or is there a server setting I’m missing?


People in same clan, share all buildings.

Player a, makes a home.
Player b invites Player A to Monkey Spasm clan, Player A stuff is now “Monkey Spasms Clans”

if there not in clan, they shouldnt be able to.

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The only exceptions (that I can recollect) to what Sera mentions are elevators and wells; even people who aren’t in your clan can drink from another clan’s wells or ride their elevators.

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Nice one both… Really helpful.

So if player a were to leave clan would their building revert back to them or stay in clan?

before 1.34 (ps4 numbers) They keep it. And you become a sad panda. XD

After last 2 patches, Not sure. I do not think its changed. =(

Will add on the wiki
I am looking for any help/contributions for the Clan page and Console controls, Console admin controls currently
(And, for anyone who wants to help me out, just send me a reply or DM or join us on the discord)

Thanks for the links I had only come accross the first one… Not alot of info there…

They need go update the clans make them a bit more comprehensive… I loved the system they have in ark where you x an set levels to items and levels to your clan Memebrrs restricting what they can do depending on their level.

What, about the clan ranks. What permissions do each rank get? Isi everything below top rank can invite then top rank and invite, premote/demote and kick. Is there anything else?

I’m looking for that kind of info :wink:

Feel free to post a thread on the Suggestions subforum

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