Need to ask what im doing wrong?


Just a control question,
You ARE using the combos and not just the white hits right?
I ask because a guildie (way back when) levelled his guard all the way to 80 not realizing there were combos.
Also, you have begun switching out the basic combos to the conq ones right?


Conq is easy!
Try taking a sin to Nothern Grasslands in your blues and green 80 kit! :slight_smile:
Also, tanking is about knowing the positioning of mobs. Once you know that, it really isn’t super hard. Sure if you wanna do the hardmodes and tanking in raids, you will need to be more experienced, but, it isn’t rocket science. (Or brain surgery)

  • Always keep armour and weapons up to date with level.
  • Start in areas of the same level or on lower to give yourself a fighting chance.
  • Don’t be tempted to jump into a map that is way too high for your toon just because you seen someone else do it.
  • Do not pull more than two mobs at a time in the early levels… always pull mobs at a distance if you can.
  • Some mobs are stronger than usual even if they are not mini bosses… beware of those
  • Forget about five at a timing-at least until you are seriously armoured and well some kind of prodigy


Don’t use Lumbering Hulk. It’s pure trash unless fully feated and even then is situational. Put the feat points in Ruthless Assault. That increases your crit frequency. Conk brute spec is built on crits.

Also, suffer the levelling until you can get Remorseless Aggression. This reduces cast time of Burst of Aggression, and refreshes it every time you get a kill. You can pull a ton of mobs, aoe knock back all of them, and kill one before they get up, then aoe kb again. Rinse and repeat.

Someone recommended weapons wapping. Do this. Learn to do it well. Conk is the only class in the game where weapon swapping is mandatory for optimal performance. Guard of Dancing Steel, Feint attack…then swap and use Bloodbath and Breach, then back to two hander for more Feint Attack or Hail of Furious Strikes if everything is on CD. Change the keybind from cntrl r or whatever idiocy is default to something you can tap easily. It makes a huge difference.

Always tool around in defensive stance, until you knock the mobs down, then go frenzy, then swap back. Easier way to pve burst.

Use the firebanner and will of vivification. Rotate the banner and the technique. Doing so will either aoe damage mobs or put a heal on you, but more importantly, running these abilities means you debuff what you hit.

Someone else mentioned double tap forward. Do this. Especially before the final swing of an aoe combo (HoFS and latter Bloodbath) you have a chance to stun multiple foes around you.

Conk is an unholy killing machine that can simply choose not to die once you get the basics down.


This game is not based on the grinding, you fight enemies one by one or a couple of them at once. Later on you will be able to kill 5 or 6 at once but forget about grinding, you level by doing quests not by kills.


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