Need to delete offline character

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: usa

I need to find a player Id to delete my wife’s character.

Her character is curropted because of admin commands on accident. Just experimenting.

I need to delete her so she can remake her character.

I can’t find ID unless she’s online to my knowledge

She can’t log onto server cause it’ll crash. Just our server

Need to use debug delete charter command but need her ID

Can’t access offline player IDs on Xbox.

How do I delete her character from my server I rent.

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She just has to create a new character the same way she made her first and the first character will automatically delete its self except builds or items placed into the world until you go up to them interact as it’s abandoned and destroy it like you would your own


You have to log onto the sever as that character to do that, which is impossible.

There is no way to delete your character without logging on then pauseing it and pressing recreate character.

What I need is the command to see offline ids

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Ohh @Narelle that one can help I :thinking: lol

If it was on PC easy but xbox … Any chance to do a rollback instead? Do you have backups?

I assume you have no access to server logs or the database. You could send a ticket to GPortal, maybe they could help.

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Have her login to another server to get her character ID. Don’t know how to actually delete her character. There’s several things that can be done with admin that can mess up server bringing in rabbit, werewolf and possibly others.


İ like craft ironbar

I’ll try this and let you know if it works. Thank you

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Thanks finding out what works might help others.

Unfortunately due to Microsoft and Sony rules, you can’t access the db of your server. PC, there are ways, but consoles, she is screwed. Only way to remove ID’s is to wipe your server completely on consoles. Throwing out all the babies with the bathwater so to speak.

I assume this is something G-portal support could pull, or itlest pull a list of ID’s of users on server.

Not to familer with xbox anymore, If game sharing isnt change much since 360 days, Make a new Xbox account, and just log in (most of store purchases are just shared to the system) It could have changed on Xbox… (ps4 lets you share with any account thats not register on another console)

That way you can itlest play if G-Portal is weird about it.

from my chat with the support memeber on g-portal, they don’t even get access for these issues because of the security rules :confused:

That’s not true cause ark private servers allow you to.

This is also false. Your purchases are account bound

Uhh, i am only going on what the G-Portal customer support told me when i rented a server for a year. If ark is allowing access to .db, then I would like to see proof. The whole thing with consoles is they do it to keep others from seeing player id/info and using it to hack accounts. Again, only going on what I was told during a very long back and forth with g-portal when i rented a server.

Uh, again false. I and my brother share multiple games i have DL’d to his PS4 off of my account. It is game specific as far as I know. Plus i have body vaults on PS4 that say differntly.

Rent a server on nitrado and turn on expert setting and program the code your self.

G-portal servers are trash because they don’t let you admin your server like this.

Nitrado server on ark I can achieve anything

CONSOLES. Only option for privates is g-portal. PC info does not apply here. This is the XBOX section, so most of the private limitations apply to both Sony and Microsoft.

Odd statement to what was typed…
As noted, depends on game. As someone with US, PAL and Japan account, (and spare for CE and Dragons Dogma) Some games are not account bound in same manner as others. Only had a few games get hit with 1 share. (which what PSN rolled out sometime agi during ps3) (which didnt let me share NFS Most Wanted DLC with my other accounts(even those with no PSN)

I’ve shared Scorhed Earth, CE’s, Skyrims CC store stuff (do to how install works) Bloodborne etc. It varies.

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I’m surprised to see only a few people are on here to help people.

Feels like reddit when people think they know everything.

I asked for something specific and it was answered.

Don’t even begin with this is not on topic with xbox.

You edit your server from a PC on G-portal as well as Nitrado

Anyone trolling on here just needs to stop.

My point was other games like ark has server coding support for consoles and is cross platform so it doesn’t matter.

Conan servers need this coding support so I can write lines that record player activity, if the dev doesn’t wanna do it.

I’d I rent or own a server it is my right to know who uses it.

It is my right to modify it as I see fit.

It is my responsibility to maintain the server so hackers don’t take it over.

Btw has happened 3 times and no idea who’s doing it.

There is no support to protect my players from hackers.

Don’t justifie it with is to protect you from hackers.

Hackers hack and if your the target they will hack you.

I need to be able to see hackers but that’s not allowed so I don’t get hacked.

See the hypocrisy.

If I am admin I am God of that world and should have complete and absolute power.

I just wish I could code my own servers like nitrado let’s you.

Is this a feed to any type of Developer?