Need to fix arrow bug

Please fix a bug with an arrow that goes through a staggered and thrown target. we have informed you about this critical issue a long time ago. but still archers cant do their job to support melee with dmg after they hit… funcom is it really that hard to fix? we need to wait year like it was with 40 acc perk bug?


funcom plz stop hate archers :frowning: fix our bugs like:

  • projectiles and staggered targets
  • bug after knocked down targets, when they cant move and cant take dmg with projectiles, or become invisible in rolls
  • light autoattack with bow sometimes after roll
  • “target shifting” with bow horseback with heavy attack

Go go go to fix bow bugs @Ignasis and Funcom or there will always be pineapples in your pizza

We dont need new skins, mobs, weapons and any else trinkets, just fix the bugs. Dont ignore a problem

Hey @Linking

Thanks for the report, we’ve sent it to our team so they can look into it.

We’d love our pizzas to always have pineapple on them, thank you very much :stuck_out_tongue:


does this mean you will never fix the archers bugs? :fearful:

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Good :grin:.We’d appreciate if you fix it. What pizzas do you not like? So that I can threaten you in the future :innocent:

That shall remain my most well-guarded secret.
But, you could offer us more pineapple in our pizza and it might be the incentive to get it fixed ASAP :eyes: :pineapple: :pizza:


fix all archers bugs (which I describe in 2 post) in the next update and we, the whole clan, will chip in for pizza with pineapple and send it wherever you tell


It’s fun watching arrows ricochet off large mobs though.

And pineapple on pizza is an atrocity.

Hits in a knocked out targets looks cool, there are a few steps left for pineapple pizza =P