Need Voice Actors for Mini Web Series made with Footage from TSW

The Secret World: The Witch’s Contract

This will be a short episode mini series made with footage from The Secret World Classic. The Witches dimension is in peril. An imbalance sets forth an adventure for two people living in different worlds. One an ordinary run-of-the-mill college student, Ellen Lanford, the other a former Vice-Commander of the Witch’s dimension military, whose lives are thrown upside down because of malevolent forces vying for power in-between the fragile relationship and history between humans and witches.

All inquiries for the project and voice auditions are to be mailed to:

Character List (Subject to Change and Work in Progress):

Pietrova Adamovich
Pietrova Adamovich is a serious and competent individual, but because of what life has dealt to him, he has become cynical and jaded from his time as both Vice Commander of the witch’s military forces and an enforcer for the Russian mafia. He gets lost in music in order to drown out the negative aspects of his current life.
Script Sample:
“No, I don’t. (Said when he’s about to be executed)”

Ellen Lanford
Ellen Lanford is a spunky, contemplative, and curious individual that starts out with a fairly ordinary life. She develops an interest in the occult after finding a diary belonging to her ancestors. She is a rebellious type not afraid to fight against the grain and attempt to do what she thinks is right.
Script Sample:

“What is this place? (Said in wonder with a British Accent)”
“Let me introduce myself. I’m Ellen Lanford, your ordinary college student. (British Accent)”
“I was looking through the attic when I stumbled upon an old book. Specifically, a diary. (British Accent)”

Jillian Miller
Jillian is a tough, no-non-sense, and efficient soldier that used to work for Pietrova Adamovich as a subordinate until he was declared a traitor by the Witch’s Council. Then she was forced to do her duty and execute him out of loyalty to the Witch Dimension.
“Do you have any last words, traitor? (Said with a sneer when he’s about to be executed)”
“Pietrova Adamovich, you are hereby sentenced to death for treason against the
witch dimension.”

Third in command of the Witch’s Military forces. A prodigy and genius witch that rose through the ranks rather quickly. He is scheming, manipulative, and a genius. Rather charming on the surface but ruthless underneath.
“You’re weaker than I am. I don’t know why you’re ranked above me. (Said in contempt)”

Emmeric Egorov
Mob boss of a Russian mafia, he is street smart and good in a fight. He finds talent and potential in other people regardless of current status in life.
“I’m going to make an offer. You better take it.”

Ingrid von Ritter
A witch assassin specializing in teleportation and phase magic. She is rather quiet and solemn.

Althea Davis
Commander of the Witch’s Military Forces. She is tough as nails, forward, and powerful. Fiery in terms of personality and brutal when it comes to strategy, she is commander for a reason.

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Just wanted to say ‘HI’, Mihashi! Ceruleanuh here.
(Can’t voice act by the way)

I always “hear” your posts in Kirsten Geary’s voice; part Valley Girl, part Grand Inquisitor :slight_smile: I also would probably not make a good voice actor, based on hearing myself in @Leogrim 's SWL adventures:

Oh heya Ceru, looking forward to seeing you on Sunday :smiley:

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Just seeing the reference picture I remember the katana XD

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That’s alright, my voice sounds too much like a kid to play any of the characters seriously.

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Definitely not Valley girl, that’s for sure lol.

See you then, @Mihashi!

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Off topic

Is this supposed to be Russian name? Because that’s not Russian name. And no surname? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You mean in the creative corner as a thread?

SWL is almost the same as TSW except for mechanic changes and a few missing dungeons and raids. If I put this on TSW forums which is dead it probably wouldn’t even get a response. I’d be happy to post my work if I had something presentable.

I think Jess was noting that their own post was (intentionally) off topic, not yours. You need to click on the little arrow in the post [ image ] to expand the content to see what is meant :slight_smile:

Oh I see. I didn’t see that. :o

Yeah it’s supposed to be a russian name a made up russian name lmao

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…I sure only meant my own post. Yeah.

Would you like couple short advises to make it sound like actual Russian name or is it already set in stone and no one cares?

Feel free to make suggestions I just thought it sounded cool xD

Having trouble coming up with characters names as well

Well I don’t know about any other ear but for Russian his name is super weird, because “Pietrova” is common female surname and I’m not sure I can imagine it working as name. If you don’t like Pyotr/Peter and don’t mind going with nicknames it could be Petruha for example. :thinking: And Adamovich… well it’s common patronym and as surname it could point at jewish heritage if that’s intended.
I’d be happy to help but it’s hard to say what will sound cool for someone else. :upside_down_face:

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If you’re looking for suggestions, I recommend Amelia Tyler. She’s brilliant.

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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I listened to some of her voice reel and it’s really good.

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Slowly, but surely working on this. I added new characters for voice actors to try out.