Need x1 rates pvp servers

Can be you start at least 1 official pvp server with x1 rates, this x2 trash already bothered


All official PvE servers are x1, but I’m assuming you mean PvP. Might want to specify though?

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Maybe someone competent will give us the answer to this question, plus say thank you for still playing this sh…t called Conan exiles in which those bugs were with the first day of appearance has remained to this day

FunCom made official PvP server x2 so new people on the server could advance at a reasonable rate, more like an incentive to play. Personally I think they should make some servers a x1 level 60 server so when you create a character on the server it starts at level 60. Thats my humble opinion.

No need to do all x1 servers, only need a couple

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