Need your reaction 1211 china attacks

I need a minute of your precious time. Your intervention on server 1211 is urgently required. Chinese players feel so much unpunished that they are already putting domes in dungeons. Specifically, it is a square J7 Sobek. Take a moment of your precious time and show that you are at least somehow interested in the development of the game, and save online on servers. After your last patch, it has become very difficult to control the presence of undermeshers on servers. Since you are for a number of reasons known to me/us you are not able to perform a boiler of all servers, the players themselves try to do so.
We cleaned up the texture on B C 11 12 but J 7 is much more false because there is now a dome inside the texture…

I call on you to act. Like all RU comunity.
With respect

I can also provide photos and videos of proof of their violations. If my status is changed…

Info you need is here.