Needed updates for the game - A promise from old EA times not yet fullfilled

I came back after 2 or more years to this game and still found out the following needs to be still improved:

  1. (SIMPLE) Add a server setting that controls the “tools” durability. I can not really understand how this one was not implemented yet.
  2. (HARD) AI is blatantly stupid still. Please, just let this game come to this last piece of perfection just by improving the AI. Make them smarter, not so easy to trick, climb, swim, be more lively, walk more fluidly and overall just give them more polish. I remember there was a promise made of a Thrall 2.0 System back in EA days. At least tell us that you are still working on this.
  3. (MEDIUM) Option to hide recipes at the inventory, it is getting a bit too much. Example: Right clicking the recipe and then choose to hide it or put in category → Create category option must be there as well then.
  4. (SIMPLE) Increase the “server setting” slider numbers. I put the respawn timer on resources on the slowest rate possible and it still respawns way too fast.
  5. (SIMPLE) Same as 4. goes to NPC enemies respawn. They just respawn way to quickly even on lowest settings.
  6. (MEDIUM) Add a real one handed Spear weapon that is not throwable like the javelin. This is really needed. How such a basic and most used weapon in history can not yet be implemented actually? Kinda weird.

I really hope this game will actually become that dream it was advertised in EA back then.


I like all these things. I know they are actively working to improve the AI, but it does seem to be slow going. I think climbing enemies or thralls might not be possible, but thralls can swim now (when they decide too anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) I agree that AI should be a major priority

More options for server setting is always a great thing. I think this game is very strong in that department, but adding more options will only make it stronger.

As a console player it blows me away how customizable this game is for single player or private servers.


Indeed, this game can really become the best survival simulator once the AI gets a big overhaul. At least such an overhaul that the modders get all the tools needed to make it totally perfect.


For 1: Durability for servers (Assuming it works)



Watch 8:23 – 9:05


I would recommend watching until 9:42, for additional insight :wink:


I’d recommend watching the whole thing :smiley:


Why do they need to do this?



Well, it is just missing in the basic weapon tree. Nothing more. They dont have to do anything after all. They should do these things for the sake of making the best and most fun survival game there is.


I do not have 2 settings like this on PC it seems and I still think it doesnt work as my research on forums showed. The tools are just not bound to anything in this game somehow… Yet maybe I am wrong ofc.

The point I am making is the javelin is a fully functional one handed spear, complete with light and heavy combos. You are asking literally for a javelin that can’t be thrown. That is taking what we already have, and making a nerfed version.

So again, I ask why?

Have I missed a change? Last time I used a javelin (some time ago, admittedly) they had no heavy combo because the heavy attack was the throw. That was always one of the things I didn’t much like about them, so I’d be happy if that has changed :slight_smile:


I would also like to know if I missed something. Also, I wish I could somehow remap “throw javelin” to something other than “heavy attack”, because it sucks to lose a Riptide because you forgot that you shouldn’t right-click while wielding it.


Heavy attack is throw for javelins. It really should be special attack, like throwing axes.

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NM it might have been a mod doing it. The way it worked is control (block/kick) was throw if the javelin was not equipped with an offhand. And used whatever special of the offhand (block if shield, throw if throwing axe) if it was equipped.

Unless they changed it to that and then reverted. But I do distinctly remember being able to do this for a while a few months back.


Ah - I think you may be talking about Multigun’s Javelin Improved - the comment about it not being equipped in the offhand suggests it - as far as I know, the base game javelins only equip to the offhand. I did enjoy that mod for a bit - may have to give it a go again :slight_smile:


I have not subbed to that one.

But no, base game javs only equip to the mainhand, not offhand. You can equip them with throwing axes, heavy throws the jav, block/kick throws the axe. That’s how it works now.

I’m wondering if it was Age of Calamitous or Thrall Wars, those are two mods that are not on the current server.


you’re absolutely right - I mentally flipped it somehow :slight_smile: (shows how long it’s been since I used javelins…).

Couldn’t say for sure on either of AoC or Thrall Wars - they certainly could be candidates (I wasn’t bothering with javelins by the time I hit AoC, so wouldn’t have noticed if it did change them, and never got round to trying Thrall Wars).

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I only knew about these settings, but never tested if they actually worked. Something to look into, at least.

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