Needing to talk to a someone about bans

Been trying to find out who to talk to about why my account and clan members accounts got banned, with no explanation why, length of ban, or how to try to appeal. Seems wrong to ban without warning, or even send a email explaining the reason. None of us done anything to break the rules listed.

From where did you get banned?

Official 3585

Mesage @hugo ot @Ignasis
DM. If they see this, they may contact you since you are new.

But just prepping you with:
You may not have actually done anything, but if any clan on any official you are associated with broke some of the more blatant hacking and exploiting rules you will get banned with them. Allowing Clan mates to knowingly skirt the system so to speak is guilt by association, and it is upon you to prove you were not the player in the clan doing the exploiting.


please read the following Rules.

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