Nemedian armor looks.... bad

I think this should be addressed. I first saw it in the developer discussion and assumed someone was going to fix it before going live. It is… pretty sloppy.


Some stretching is to be expected just because of how clothing works on adjustable character models and ring patters would show it more, but yeah, that could really use some work.


How does it look with boob slider on max then?


The Helmets also clip when using some of the new female head types. Kind of immersion breaking and FunCom needs to do some deep dive work on getting the new armor sets up to par. I’d share links to it for bug reporting, but apparent new users can’t upload or link screencaps.

Maybe they can make the model “stretch” under the arms and sides instead of the center front and back?

Looking at the picture, was a bit disappoint how flat the center piece of the armor looks. I haven’t create a piece to check it out myself though. Flat meaning the graphics are 2 dimensional.

honestly it just looks like a vertex or two got bumped when they were doing the UVs.

The Nemedian Infantry Armor looks way better than the Officer armor. That chain mail looks a bit ratty and so does the tunic. Also in game its seems excessively bright. Might I suggest scaled armor or leather muscle armor as a suitable replacement.

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I guess simply I was just saying in real life the officers aren’t going to be looking ratty. Nobles didn’t dress in rags. So, maybe just rename it Nemedian Heavy peasant lol.


They would if a pretentious fashion designer told them it was the in thing this year. :wink:


I agree, plus I like the chainmail, its nice not to have plate again.


But chainmail is medium armor in basic.Heawy-plate and lamellar.

Apples and oranges. Both were heavy armor, the smaller the rings in chain, the better the armor. Plate evolved with the longbow and the crossbow, as a means of protection against arrows. It was less effective at close combat than chain.
Plate was very expensive and was the rich knights armor, while the poorer knights wore chain. It was cheaper and easier to maintain.


Lol.You describe so many myths here.

Try reading up on the evolution of armor from the earliest crusades to the late middle ages. Battles like Agincourt had a profound effect on the evolution of armor.
Knights returning from the crusades, where horse archers were prevalent, and chain was not protecting them enough, revolutionized plate armor. This is all historical fact.


Plate armour wos not so heawy like you think.Till 30 kg.You can run and you not need help to get on horse.And heawy not by weight but by protection.Chainmail offer less protection.Thats the difference.

@Tera is right. Armor you can’t move in is armor you die in. That is historical fact. No self respecting soldier in any era would wear armor that leaves him helpless if he falls on his back. The only places you’d see armor like that is in the joust or ceremonial circumstances. You can quite literally do cartwheels in the stuff they wore to battle.

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I do not know :poop: about armors in real life history, so after I found this thread, I started searching and found this (don’t stone me if this is not true):

  1. and 5. points are relevant here (mostly). They weren’t that heavy, but still… Slashing and being up all day (or more days) in it had to be an exhausting thing.

That was meant as a joke, Hence the laughing emoji.
The rest is true.
I see it has spawned its own little side thread though, where the main point was the evolution of armor, so I will edit it out as it seems to be the focus instead of a joke.

I somehow get the feeling, that they might have mixed up the names on that - a thought only supported if you look at the original concept art, and the “inspirations”:

You can clearly see, that it was inspired by a Roman Centurion / officer armour. The overall design is more “symetrical”, the single armour & garment pieces - more elaborate and of visibly better craftsmanship. Maybe it’s just me, but it does appear to indicate someone with a higher status than the typical “rank & file”.

On the other hand - the heavy set, suppousedly meant for Nemedian officers:

I’ve taken the liberty to point out some details, that seem to support, that this is in fact the true “infantryman” set:

  1. the overall “torn & raggy” feeling that we get, from the finishing of things like the shirt & lower skirt - it does seem like it would be worn by someone suffering a lot of hardships, and who wouldn’t necessary have the founds to keep their equipment in a “proper level of repair” state. The furs around the waist seem more like something you would’ve looted along the way, than be made specifically for you when you put the order at the craftsman’s workshop.

  2. The fact that the armor has this visible gap in a rather crucial area means that it was probably mass-produced in a way to “fit-all”. You could probably expect that an officer would be able to afford a custom-made, fit for his or hers size, armor - that would be void of such obvious design weaknesses. The mail itself is also quite battered - something that would indicate being in a harms way more often than probably an officer, commanding (in this time and age) from behind his unit, would be expected to suffer.

  3. While in-game, those plates are mostly likely added because “it looked interesting”, the historical use of such additional (and sticking out) plates of armour would be to provide additional protection to the arm holding the shield (and thus - being turned towards the enemy). The knee-protection is rather debatable, but let’s say that maybe it is meant to protect the knee (of all parts…) when doing a slash with a sword, which might be accompanied by a step-up with the leg on the side of the sword-arm (to apply additional force to the blow) - bit questionable and not quite how the Roman legionnaires would fight, but ah, well.

I wonder if @Ignasi - or anyone else from the Community Team - could maybe tell if, is a “fix” to those sets names would be possible? I know it means literally nothing, from a practical point of view, but at least those of us caring for such “fluff & RP” details would be a bit more comfortable. :wink:

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