Nemedian Bed too tall

Are you aware that Nemedian Beds are too tall ? They fit under a ceiling, but they pass trough it and appear on the floor above (also making impossible to pass upon them, if there is another ceiling above.

Considering they’re quite cool, i wonder if it’s possible to make them a bit smaller, since they’re not usable this way.

Ah yes, the vanilla ones … they suck a lot, these are cool.
They just need to be lowered by a 10-15%: they’ll still be tall, just not that much !

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If you check the latest stream, you will hear them talking about this bed and why they decided to go with this concept. It is designed for 2 wall high floors.

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And the beds to short, my nordheimer ankles are sore from hanging over the bed end



Really ? Ahhh, that sucks …
This is like the dumbest thing I’ve seen about this game …

If they reduce it by a 15% it would fit a 1 wall height and it will still be viable for 2 walls high rooms (I mean, what’s the difference there, anyway ?)

Geez …

This is still a problem though. The bed should be blocked from being able to be placed if there isn’t enough vertical space available.


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