Nemedian praise and critique

I am eagerly awaiting other cultures being added into the game (including the Atlanteans, and possibly being able to use corruption for something positive, possibly minor sorcery [probably start with clairvoyance, and the ability to modify stats (ie blessing or cursing gear and/or people)]). But, that is a digression.

I, personally, really liked the new addition, and I think that the new placeables where a welcome addition into the game. I sincerely appreciate being able to place books into my watcher’s bookshelf (technically codices [scrolls are technically also books], but, that is what people initially think when they hear bookshelf). However, The collision seems a tad bit more sensitive than optimal. I don’t have the ability to place books closely together, which would make more sense.

I figure you are busy with more important issues to deal with, but I wanted to give a quick thank you, and to give my thoughts on improvement.


The building pieces are visually awesome. Great architectural look and they fit nicely with some other pre-existing pieces such as insulated wood and black ice.


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