Nerf the enemies ASAP!


Okay. I thought… “Whaaat?! That spider boss nude with stone daggers?! NO WAY!”

But now it makes sense. Demonic spidy is really dumb and seems to not have as much HP like the ms spidy.

The normal spider boss has a huge range while her hitbox for hitting her is a little… problematic at times. When I ran away, already 2 foundations away, I still got hit 3 times. Plus the poison, which the demonic one doesnt have…
However, eighter exploiting, having insane timing (she hits fast if I remember correctly) OR having a friend who blocks (or deals the damage) will help with that.

But I still think most bosses got too damn high HP. 56k HP or more? A whole weapon breaking apart, not to mention how we spend that much time killing it? Bleh. I would highly prefer the bosses becoming really dangerous rather than having this much HP. There is nothing wrong with having gotten to know an enemy and due to that killing it without any trouble, but huge HP just causes a player to not even waste a thought on farming them. Some dragon weapon - heck even a telith would be faster aquired.


Demon Spider has 60,320 HP according to the wiki.

Regular spider has 59,360 HP according to the wiki.

I haven’t run into the regular spider bosses being glitchy on my server. The whole being invisible or warping around issues.

The method that is used to kill the demon spider, if regular spider isn’t glitching around, would be the same for the regular spider. You can see Sagranda is consistently staying being the demon spider as much as possible. If you’re to the side or behind the regular spider boss, you won’t get hit with poison either.

And yes, the Kinscourge is much easier to kill than any of the world bosses. He only has 11k HP. I do enjoy his fight much better than any of the world bosses however. He actually has tactics, a long range attack, his slice and dice attack and the magic ball explosion for AOE. The only problem with him is he telegraphs what he’s doing and is easy to avoid.

Once you get the recipes for dragonbone weapons, which doesn’t even require killing the undead dragon which just baffles me how we get the boss reward without killing the boss, just go for baby dragons. They’re pretty easy to kill and easy to avoid their attacks even for a solo player. Just get them one at a time because getting in between 2 or 3 is a death sentence.


Wiki isnt always correct though. At least one boss got a another value. Also the last times I stumbled upon the normal spider, it did 1 or even 2 attacks per second, with a huge range. Plus the poison on each attack.
I wouldnt call that easy at all. Staying on the back when it almost instantly turns?

Demon spider takes a LOOOOONG time to attack, so one might just as well sleep while killing it.
Also that one can be stunlocked and has pretty much straightforward attacks. Always that leaping attack trying to pierce one.
Its like comparing an archer thrall with some bow with an archer wielding throwing axes.
Moderate attack speed compared to machine gun.

Again. Much easier depends. I once encountered that one spamming only this cone, during which animation he could turn all he want, leaving me being hit by every single cone. Also its pretty fast, which is a good thing. Yes, the orb does take a lil too long. If Funcom shortens the duration until its fired by 1/3, it would be fine.
However, an enemy showing that he channeling something dangerous is a good thing! But the longer the cast is, the more dangerous it should be. To the point of oneshotting people. (Including heavily armorered players!)

And speaking of undead dragon? It totally surprised me to see how he ignores shields with his flame breath. People just get roasted. If not wearing heavy armor, one can only pray to eighter be able to dodge right before he breathes, or is standing so near to him, that the breath misses one. (Yep, that happens too.)
True, the recipes should be hidden better. Like with the pool going down in dregs. Or chests rising up after triggering ghosts.


Although i agree with most of the things you wrote nuria, as usual :sunglasses:, i can’t agree with this, or at least not in conan exiles.
Your suggestion makes full sensev though, i can’t deny that: the longer it charges, the deadlier it will be…but to the point of a direct 1 shot? even for the tankiest characters possible? NO please no .

Of course it’s a personnal taste and my opinion, so we can always disagree on that and still respect each other, but it’s not dark souls i’m playing here, i don’t want to be punished, sentenced that hard by a 1 shot if i made 1 single mistake at the end of a dungeon (meaning i’m good to start all over again, and i’m not even talking about the inventory loss on death at the end of a dungeon, which makes it even more severely punished ).
i’m against instant death-1 shot in general in video games. there are several scenarios where i can accept it though like:

-when it depends on the game difficulty settings ( you sign for such things, then you face those things, fair enough… like the expert / legendary difficulty in skyrim)
-as an ennemy debuff when leading a full party squad, which means the boss/ ennemy as a % chance to inflict death on hit but that you can prevent by equiping a specific item, this is called boss/ dugeon time preparation and adaptation, assuming you were given some clues of this eventual parameter before the fight/ dugeon entrance. and don’t forget that this kind of stuff is mostly happening in RPG games where your game can be saved every 15 min if not at will. so if i failed, NO BIG DEAL.

anyways see ya nuria


this was one of the most epic battle i had in the unnamed city. 3 baby dragons + 2-3 skelettons at once, LOTS OF FUN once you’ve killed the skelletons, but calling that a “death sentence” might be a bit too much don’t you think sirmang?


This thread is more fed than I thought it would be when I read the request. If you don’t like monsters’ HP because you’re solo then why don’t you use the LowerMonsterHPSolo mod ???


Well. The point of 1shots should be like 3 seconds of charging. Whoever still is dumb enough to still stand inside the aoe… Well… And if that person didnt know before, he wont die to that a second time. :joy:

Also it was only to go against people who are complaining about telegraphing being bad. Because to me, there is no max distance being shown and the explosion goes beyond the last frames. Maybe that is due to low settings though?
Anyway. No telegraphing would mean no sign at all that the boss is performing that attack, which is WAY worse than a oneshotting long channeled attack which is shown.
Also: That orb can actually “oneshot” people. At least when I was guiding people through the dungeon, them being like “thanks for helping, we wouldnt have been able to kill it without you”. It happened twice that one of them died due to the orb. (I think they were too lazy to heal up.)

By the way:
Has everyone already encountered “that” rocknose king in melee? It’s like some kill or die lottery. At least if one is light armored. Two hits might already kill one… One of those typical AoEs of those rocknoses is sure to kill one if one doesnt manage to get out.

It seems to me that lots of people love how dark&souls like that game is. (I cannot comment on that, as I never played it)

There are other games which got oneshotting as penalty as well. In MMORPGs its not always limited to the hardest setting possible…
I would say its like a rule (like you agreed) that the longer a cast is, the deadlier it will be to stand inside.
I think FFXIV is one of the most penalizing one. Each harder bossfight - and some during leveling too! - has a way to oneshot people. That applies the most on those “primae” encounters. Sometimes they are like 10 seconds, sometimes more like 3 seconds until one dies if not countering it.

However, you are right when you say that loosing a complete set of equipment is a little harsh.
The real issue with that probably lies in the reward not being worth loosing a whole endgame set.
But in general this is a survival game. Dungeons in survival games might just as well be really harsh.

Well. First off not everyone playing solo plays on singleplayer. Some are solo on official.
And it seems to me, lots of servers have kind of died. So getting people to help them is not always possible as well.

And the second part is that I highly disagree on being forced to use mods for several things.
If anything, Funcom should at least discussing adding another slider for bossHP in serversettings. That way it may stay the same on official - which is still meh from the view of some solo player - while singleplayer can be tuned down.

What I am going on about is that killing stuff should be possible for solo without exploiting just as well. … If the person doing so is skilled enough.
However, it shouldnt be impossible for 99% of the players. If 50-75% wont be able to solo those and can learn how to do so by practicing, it would be ideal.

Also a ten or twentyfold HP value didnt make them harder. Just tedios.
On top (in case anyone missed that!) we cannot stagger those bosses anymore, neighter do they have their old attack speed. They are faster, are immune to stunning AND some of them seem to deal more damage.
Dont get me wrong!
Those bosses should NOT go back to their old behaviour.
They have been too weak.
If you ask me wether I prefer a potentially oneshotting boss or some huge ■■■ HP pool… I will always choose the potential oneshot. This means more damage on their attacks, more dangerous aoes, lower HP.
OR each harvesting hit grants a key. Up to 5 keys.
But then please add immunity to ranged damage! Maybe even to poison/bleed…


yep true, but you encounter a lag peak or a freeze at that moment and you’re dead… then need to start all over again by crafting and organizing all your stuff again, untill you finally get back to the dungeon, clear all the dungeon again and even if this boss here has a lower health pool than world bosses you can’t kill him in 2 min ( or at least i can’t, not solo)


Using mods can make the game unstable.
Some players do not enjoy using mods.
Solo/co-op is an official game mode and should not be forgotten when changes are made.


Yeah thats a totally different boss, two he uses Steel daggers not stone. My individual point is they are in general tough only because it takes a very long time to kill due to health. Thats not counting the ones who are actually tough. Ive never fought that guy but it looks like he is stun locking him like i can do on white tiger most of the time.That ends up with a very long boring fight and who wants to spend that long fighting it with little gain?


Or you know, in single player you can adjust the server settings and just increase your damage output, effectively doing the same thing and its built into the core game so no instability.


I understand this, but it does feel like cheating when that is done.


I tried the same or similar setups against most bosses with roughly the same results.
The Demon Spider is merely the worst of them all and therefor makes for a great showcase.

There was 1 exception against which I couldn’t do it and that was the Giant Snake. For whatever reason I can’t figure out its “rhythm”. But that’s a good thing in my book.

I’m not counting the King Rhino, since its hitboxes are way too messed up.

I find the breath attack pretty discernible, but what happens from time to time, at least from what I experienced, is that the animation follows the player and then it actually becomes hard to avoid.

A bunch of them fall in around 7 minutes. The longest one took me like 15 minutes.
That’s not long for a World Boss. The issue, and the reason for why it feels so long, is that the fights pose hardly any challenge.
If the fights would be more interesting, I doubt that anyone would talk about the time it takes to kill them.

With that logic they would have to remove stuff like the Lava in the Volcano.
I don’t know how often I died to it and was unable to recover my stuff, because the game or the server faced some kind of trouble.

Also, there’s no dungeon that needs to be cleared beforehand so far.
The only one with some kind of “gimmick” is the Black Keep thanks to the key you need for the door, but even through that one can just simply run through, pick up the stuff from the dead body and then proceed with the fight once everything is re-equipped.

About the Giant Spider.
It’s one of the imho more interesting Bosses, since it’s faster in every aspect than the others, while the hitboxes where it can be hit are a bit…fickle(?). The hitboxes where it can hit you are also a tad messed up.
The Giant Spider is harder than most (even though circling around it usually does the trick for me), it’s more fun, but imho still not in the right place, especially should they fix the hitboxes.

I’ve said it before and will keep saying it:
They need to ramp up attack animations, patterns and damage to make the fights more interesting.
No need to go Dark Souls levels with it, but looking at some enemies from as example FFXV, Monster Hunter World or even The Technomancer would be a good idea.
Additionally, a higher stagger-resistance to stagger-immunity would be great, too.
Currently the “stun/stagger-locking” looks like it is doing a lot, but the fights in their current state wouldn’t really be much difference even if the Bosses were immune to it. I mean, the Dragons aren’t really harder and have the immunity.

I would say that there are maybe 3 creatures that pose a challenge for my fighting build, which has 0 Vitality and uses Light/Medium (against the cold) Armor:

Bone and Red Dragons, because the breath attack is able to one-shot me. Usually not that hard to dodge, but when the animation suddenly starts tracking my movements, it becomes hard to avoid.
Since it’s an irregular behavior, I will put the difficulty on a “because of a possible bug” list

The 3rd one is the Giant Snake. At least for me. The attacks do come really fast, angles don’t matter and no “rhythm” to it.


Yeah the volcano can be annoying in that regard, but if you stay far way from the lava enough you should be good. There are places at the vocano where you don’t have the choice but really get extremely close to the lava though. In that case, take your time, be very carefull and pray.
But this issue here is one that is already in the game, one we have to deal with no matter what when performances are falling or for some other reasons whereas what we were talking about with nuria is a mechanic that is not in the game yet, that’s why i reacted to it (although nuria’s suggestion makes 100% sense)

We were indeed talking about the black keep…
if you would not clear the black keep while looking for the key and heading back to the boss room, good for you, you’re better than me then, because even if i can run past most mobs in the game without any issue, this is not sthing i would be doing in these narrow corridors while trying to find the right way to the chest and my way back to the boss room.
Of course if your hobby is to clear the blackkeep over and over i guess you should know the dungeon really really well by now. this is not my case, i have now an IDEA where i must be heading but i can still mess that up and i don’t want to be messing that up with 6 skellettons behind my shoes in these narrow corridors where i am already kinda angry because i just lost all my stuff / time to a bug/ lag and a non forgivable ingame mechanic. All of This was of course “theory in situation” so to say that we were talking about with nuria. None of that has ever happened to me there, but i can really imagine it could under certain conditions.


Game difficulty change isn’t cheating, some people just aren’t good at video games and need an easier experience. For that, you can adjust many settings in single player/co-op to fit your style of play better. As for mods, single player hasn’t caused any instability issues for me even when I stacked atleast 4 mods together. Online is a different story but there are safe options in single player/co-op to adjust the difficulty.


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