Nerf vault! ASAP!


It easy to take loot and put to another vault.


how you gonna do that when your bed/bedroll is gone and your spawned in the desert?


So what is the real and actual issue here?

  1. That vaults are too hard to destroy?
  2. That vaults are too cheap to make?
  3. That one can have too many vaults?
  4. That vaults can be spammed?

You can’t realistically use vaults as walls because nothing snaps to them. There will always be gaps except maybe in 1 particular spot on the map where all the planets line up on Tuesdays. Vaults now decay in 3 hours if you just randomly place one in the middle of nowhere… gotta have 7 other structure pieces nearby or the decay is same as a single sandstone pillar.

Vaults need to just be left alone and stay the same until somebody has a better argument than “I just can’t git gud.”


the weakness of vault is its size makes you place it outdoors and also it has extremely bad storage efficiency - the same volume made up of large chest would hold like 1000x more items


I don’t like calls to nerf.
I wonder if we put all the posts that call for nerfs together, would there even be a game left?

Perhaps we could consider another way to deal with the issue at hand.


Nerfing stuff is how we ended up with not being able to build a wall of Wall Palisades, because people complained about how easy it was to kite world bosses into a coral of wall palisades and then have them bleed to death because their AI was too dumb to attack the nearest thing that was damaging them. (Or in otherwords instead of buffing the stupid AI to actually do something about what was killing it, they nerfed the thing that was killing it so hard that it is now useless for it’s intended purpose: Restricting enemy movement while doing damage to any enemies that collide with it.


What about if vaults had the religion mechanic?
As in, you can’t place vaults close together in the same way you can’t place religious buildings too close together.

That should be fairly easy to implement too since the mechanic exists already.


I basically like the idea of not being able to place vaults close, but it may be a solution in search of a problem. Is there an actual problem of vaults being too close?


They are being used as walls for bases.


How does that work though? I can’t place them close enough to not leave gaps, and vaults on foundations are EZPZ to kill


indeed vaults A leave gaps ans B can be climbed over… since you cant place foundations on them. The people who use them as walls surely know that. the people who complain just need to git gud cause they cant bunny hop trough the gaps… :eyes:


you cant place fences on them so just learn to climb?


just press and hold A (on xbox) its prettt easy…