Nerfed to Death...Again! Ambrosia

@Croms_Faithful Understood. that was why i tried to phrase that as a joke and not serious. i’ve also agreed with many of the ideas put forth and tried to add my own spin on some.

More options? I like.


No I know IPL_Victim, and I was not really interpreting yours or Barnes quips as an attack. More just putting it out there. :wink: :smiley:

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You’ve convinced me. I think I was a little harsh on it due to the numbers of Mitra shrines along the Noob Oasis islands. Upon arrival on the server it looked lazy, and a little messy.

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They would have more room to work with Altar generated goods if Gods had some sort of possible downside. I’ve mentioned Hypocrisy before… a hidden stat that increases the more Gods a player is faithful to (Building altars, making sacrifices, generating faith, using other God’s blessings… )

If a player chooses to be faithful to ONE God, they have to do without benefit from the other Gods. This would mean that Ambrosia and other faith generated food items could be balanced with their God’s compatibility in mind. Mitra, for instance, would be highly incompatible with any other God… if you worship more, you generate extra Hypocrisy from Mitra.

Ultimately, Hypocrisy would then serve as the primary mechanic for Crom’s followers. Crom’s followers gain combat bonuses when facing off against Players who are Hypocritical (This includes players thralls, but not their pets.) These bonuses get more powerful the higher the Hypocrisy stat is. Crom’s Followers can’t be Hypocritical, because they only follow Crom. If they pick up worship of another God, they become a follower of that God until they cut all ties with that God.

Once all that’s in place, it hardly seems like Ambrosia having better healing that other food is unfair at all. Plus, established players who have powerful Faith generated with multiple Gods now have to consider the reality that a new Crom Follower could appear on the server and wreak havok to their plans.

I envision Hypocrisy as a individual stat to each player, but it could be applied to clans as well.

Again, Hypocrisy from Priests was a running theme in Conan… he often shows up and ruins their plans without much scheming on his part.

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