Nerfing the alpha clan snowball

Big clans have manpower and infinite resources to just keep building/blocking every part of the map on official servers. By accumulating explosives they will forever just hunt down the smaller clans and keep their dominance.

One way to nerf alpha clans would be increasing building costs based on how much you build. If you have a big base, producing construction elements should cost more. This way, smaller clans have a way to “get into the game” because of lower production costs. When a player joins a clan, all their buildings should be lost to avoid exploiting this system.

This would be less limiting than an upkeep system: you can still build as much as you want, but the grind is harder.

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Yes, good ide!

In combo whit my other topic when Buildings outside youre 2-5 safe flagges areas will have a mutch faster decay time so they cant build walls evrywher.

Or just constantly harass them by destroying their stuff. Until eventually they go full man hunter on you. Its fun!

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I like doing that too, and I always try to annoy them as much as I can. But it would be cool to have a system to tone down their snowball a bit. I would like to have a chance at fully destroying them because honestly fighting people with infinite resources to rebuild when you’ve just started on a server is just no fun

I got in and dropped several days worth of grinding and a dozen named thralls on the floor once. Big tribes get sloppy and leave alot on worktables and wheels. And every once in a while they forget to lock a box.

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  1. Kick your 9 clanmates.
  2. Build whatever you want to build
  3. Invite them back
  4. Rinse and repeat


  1. Kick your clanmate.
  2. Handle him all the materials and let him craft all the building pieces you need.
  3. Invite him back
  4. Rinse and repeat
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Use alliances and politics with other clans instead ?

In pve-c it works better then clan numbers, but there is now reason it could not work even in pvp :wink:

Countered by this:

Keep in mind that a lot of us are on single player, and the building mechanic is the single biggest draw of the game for us. Any limitations should be exclusively opt-in, and it would probably make more sense to have a resource multiplier that “shuts off” after a clan has so much “wealth” built up.

The “wealth” metric could be as simple as adding up the cost of every building piece or item, and then doing some basic math to figure how much stone, ironstone, crystal, etc. they’ve had to harvest to get to where they are. If they pass a certain threshold the resource multiplier effectively “shuts off” so that they no longer get twice as many items per whack of a pickaxe.

All an alpha clan has to do is build small at this point.

This just punishes solo players from teaming up.

Nope. Just read my examples one more time.

That shouldn’t be an issue. Adding server configuration for this would be trivial in comparison to implementing such system.

I suppose I didn’t make it clear that you should lose any type of constructible, either placed or in inventory and containers.

True, but you should consider that the thing most wannabe alphas will aim for is new, empty servers. It’s not only a matter of numbers, but also who got there first. While it’s logical that an already established clan should have the advantage, I’m arguing the resource snowball (such as accumulating multiple vaults full of explosives, or even blocking off important resources) can be attenuated in favor of a better experience for everyone.

I do not understand how this is a restriction. You should be able to do everything you did before.

How about making the Purge meter fills faster the bigger is the base and the more area claimed a Clan/Player has?

This way Alphas will have to defend their stuff more often than others.

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The purge doesnt work that way. just because “Alpha” has a full purge doesnt mean they will get hit anytime soon. Only 1 clan can get hit at a time and only about 1 purge per day so the odds of them getting hit more often remain the same.

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Yeah, I play solo / have yet to join a clan and I can’t see how punishing clans would be fair, getting materials for t3 is a grind enough as it is. If you want to nerf alpha clans then just don’t allow clans at all. People are social creatures and will play in groups even without the clan softcode infrastructure.

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Hugely agree that it’s not the game’s responsibility, but I think it would be an interesting supportive system. But as mentioned before, this cost increasing feature should be opt-in, server configurable.

I would not call it taking out an Alpha, but to your point that is all it takes to troll and annoy them if done constantly :slight_smile:

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Some people have language barriers. Others have social complexes that make it hard to interact with people, and dare i say gamers have a higher % of them. I am not stereo typing, but gamers do tend to be socially awkward with new people as well. I know i am, and i am surprised that i was able to find clan mates. And not everyone likes to mob up and be uber aggressive. As much as I agree about not nerfing harvest rates for Alpha (or big clans) with you, this statement comes across as very assuming of what type of player he is. He is giving a suggestion. Not agreeing with him is one thing, but alot in their is an opninion about who you think he is, not his idea.