Nerfing the the Halloween Drops, is well the last Drop for me

So, the hot fix for PC is out (or out soon i guess) for removing the “uber” loot. Problem with that is, there were people who had to work yesterday, and others who played 8+ hours. Guess who stock piled the keys and legendary repair kits. For Official PVP, this changes a lot of wars. I said it before on another issues (i forget) but when introducing something like this, choose the nerfiest version first, and then tweak up if need be. It won’t unbalance the game for non grinders. Going high and try and reducing later only gives advantage to first come first serve.

Having access to not only 100+ legendary (i got 8 in one run, imagine 40+ runs by one clan) in a short amount of time, but also able to repair them makes a huge difference during raid warfare. Imagine having THESE STATS CONSTANTLY

Total Armor: 836
Armor From Agility: 100
Total Damage Reduction: 76%
Effective Health: 2011

Total Health: 540
Bonus From Vitality: 240
Passive Health Regeneration: 1/s

Encumbrance: 90 / 210

Stamina: 230
Bonus Stamina From Grit: 60
Passive Stamina Regeneration: 72/s

Total Melee Damage: 90
Melee Damage From Weapon: 50
Bonus From Strength: 40

AND you can switch from the double jump perk to THE TELITH OR LEGENADARY STAMINA POLE ARM and still have heavy roll. and do 118 damage.

That this is now way more convenient for the lucky day 1 event guys who got the uber loot en mass. With the fridge “glitch” where all items in it stop decaying (new potions 1 per meteor, “WOW, look purple drank for days!!!”), and being able to repair the agility legendary kit constantly (yep, i got 4 legendary repair kits in one run, so again, do the math of all day farming by clans), there is no way to counter in a fun, gaming way. Maybe if I took a day or 2 off work and try and grind up some sort of counter balance.

Yep, just OPENED my week old wrapped discs and installed RDR2.
Bye Felicia!

First you not was get each time the legandary repair kits i was opening 10 spawns of metor evrey 20 minuts and was have in total 12 repair kits

Legendary kits aren’t affected by the patch. Patch notes are out now for PC, you can see what will be affected by consoles there. Otherwise, bye.


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